Suzie Kerr Wright

10/28/60 – 12/30/21

I just want to say to all her friends that ever had a reading, listened to a podcast, took a class, or are simply fans of Suzie, she absolutely loved you all. Suzie made it her life’s work to help people and give hope, comfort and peace, to anyone that needed it. Her smile was infectious and her laugh is still ringing through the walls in our house. She worked so hard at being better at her craft every day. Always striving to be the best, most reliable and accurate at whatever she did and present it with the most love she could. She took her world very seriously- every one of you was important to her.

She was a very powerful, bright light in my life, and our marriage of 20 years was a total adventure that we were so fortunate to share. She was the perfect wife, friend and partner for me and the void she leaves in my life is large. We were independent people but functioned as a single unit, each supporting the other in any direction we wanted to pursue. Our vow to each other was, “I love you no matter what”.

My wish for each and every one of you is that you will be enriched, and your happiness will be abundant in every aspect of your life. Suzie wanted to get the most out of life and pass all her knowledge, power and love, to anyone that is in need. Consider that you are the lucky ones and enjoy the benefits of her blessings.

Fly high my Angel. Though your work on earth is done, I know you have much to do in your new universe.

I love you no matter what.