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  • “Suzie is Great! She mentioned things I had not revealed to her, so that spoke volumes. I will certainly request her advice often. She was pleasant and I could tell she had a genuine concern for the issues I shared with her. ”

  • “Absolutely straight to the point. I was amazed at the things she said. Thank you for the chat”

  • “She tells the truth. No pie in the sky”

  • Thanks for the great reading. Suzie is very down to earth and easy to chat with. She has a great gift and is an excellent coach. I would not hesitate to contact her again.

  • Excellent reading, very knowledgeable person, reading was 100% accurate

  • The wonderful. The wow! The Hmm, let's see how to best maneuver out of this one... Suzie's spot on accuracy is amazing. I've turned to her many times over the years - and continue to do so. Her intuitive, no-nonsense yet gentle, guidance and life coaching have saved me from myself several times. She's helped me see the bigger picture, which is super helpful for those WTH moments. And she's happily celebrated great news and confirmations with me on many occasions. Suzie's sparkly and warm personality will immediately put you at ease and you'll feel her genuine care and concern. I highly and without hesitation, have recommend Suzie to friends for readings, life coaching, and everything in between. Suzie rocks!

    Lee Nashville
  • SKW gave me incredibly pertinent, timely info without asking anything to steer her. Very impressed. Layers and layers of cards interpreted. I bought an aqua aura point , like hers, at another table to reinforce the read. Thanks for your talent and attention.

  • A concise and compassionate reading from a most kind heart and wise soul.

  • She was fantastic! Love her! Very supportive, uplifting, and specific.

  • All around GREAT experience. Will definitely be back for more readings.

  • Suzie is the best. She has a true gift and shares it with great integrity. Thank you, Suzie!

  • Had to tell you (as I pack) that we found a less-expensive place (as you said) ... is just half an hour from work, and my husband can still commute ...without too much trouble. You said we would find new energy in the new place, and we are hopeful. We start moving on May 1, and though it's crazy, I think the move will be a good one. ...in this case you said the move would be to a place that will save us money (it will), and we would find it in April (we found it April 3).    

    Chris Nashville
  • "Suzie! I was telling some folks about how amazing you are today!!! Thanks for having influenced my life in a positive way!!!"

    Virginia Nashville
  • I love hearing your input, and the light you bring always brightens my day!

    Andrew Nashville
  • Hmmmm....maybe there is something to this whole horoscope house thing... I got read by Astrogirl Suzie last year in around October...and so far, she is SPOT ON!

    Patsy Nashville
  • I'm forwarding your name to a couple of friends. I think they would enjoy your approach, as well. I was looking for more food for thought, and you certainly gave me many meals worth!

    Olivia New Hampshire
  • Suzie is so encouraging and very sweet! She is also very understanding and accurate too. I can't wait to go back!

    Tia J. Nashville
  • Um ok...so who do I call to pick my chin up OFF THE DAMN FLOOR!!! Unreal... wow... I"m truly amazed by my online reading.

    Raven Nashville
  • You really impressed everyone. Your insights and predictions were so accurate. You made my birthday party one everyone will be talking about for a long time to come! We're planning another "psychic party" with you soon!

    Anna Tennessee
  • She is good and has given me insight into some things that had really been bothering me. She makes sure that there is a connection between us - doesn't just jump in like she wants you to pay and go.

    Risa L. Hollywood
  • Did a surprising job of picking up on my situation. Suzie (is) honest and did not use too many words to get in the way – she just got to the point if you know what I mean. Very refreshing.

    Mark Nashville
  • I had a lot of fun during my reading and the info about my new job. I did get it and really like it-just like you told me. The Reiki was very relaxing and I felt great after my treatment.

    Marvin Kentucky
  • My reading was dead-on.

    Jose Flipton Los Angeles
  • She made me feel better with her good input and a lot of new information. I really liked talking to her. She seemed genuine – that's what I liked the best. And you could feel she truly cared.

    Sarah Nashville
  • I am so glad that you have entered my life and was able to enlighten me. I will be sure to make an in person appt in Nashville. You are a truly amazing woman and I hope people that cross your path in the future realize this. Thanks again Suzie, you are amazing!!

    Amanda FT Campbell
  • I just want you to know that a ton of things you had told me about that would happen this year have in fact happened! Wild! Thanks for the accurate forecast.

    Shiri Boston
  • Aligning with my soul’s purpose. Gratitude and love goes out to Suzie Kerr Wright for some wonderful insight I received this evening.

    James Nashville

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