Tarot is one of the most popular forms of divination these days. This generation of indigo children and indigo and crystal children from the last 2 decades who are now adults have brought the world of Tarot card reading into the mainstream.

For several centuries the art of Tarot has evolved and it now serves as a useful tool for guidance and meditation for many. The prediction aspect of Tarot is mastered by those who make a study and practice of it and immerse themselves into the many layers of ancient symbols.

Using Tarot cards for yourself in your daily journaling and intention setting can enhance your mindfulness and intuitive abilities. Tarot card decks come in hundreds of varieties with themes ranging from ancient Italy and France, to Steampunk, Aliens, Alice In Wonderland, Halloween, Tarot, when read by a professional reader and used as a tool of divination, can be fun and exciting for group events such as bachelorette parties, business and corporate events, convention attractions, birthday parties, girls night out, moms night out, wine tastings, or other party events.

Suzie Kerr Wright is a professional Tarot reader with experience reading for large groups and exclusive get-togethers. If you want to make your event a time to remember, contact Suzie today for rates and availability!

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