How do I know which reading I should book?
Good question and there’s a simple answer. Do you want to connect with your loved ones who have transitioned? Then book a Mediumship session. For info about yourself, insights into your life, forecasts, etc. book a psychic reading. I do offer very specific Astrology readings as well for couples, children, a personality profile for yourself, things like that. But pretty much either you want to talk to spirit, or you need to talk about yourself. Easy selection.

Do I have to have questions? What kind of questions can I ask?
Yes, please come with an idea of what you want to talk about. It doesn’t have to be in question form, but at least let me know where to start. I get that sometimes we’re just in a funk and don’t know what to ask, that’s not a problem if you feel that way and that’s actually a good start. “I’m feeling lost” is all I need to get rolling. That’s for your benefit, not mine. If you start the conversation telling me that everything is just perfect in your life, you don’t want to improve or change anything, but you thought you’d try a reading, there’s nothing to talk about. And I’m super happy for you. Rock on! I help solve problems, help you find direction in life, navigate through positive and negative situations, change jobs, build new careers, get through breakups, find new love, find the best timing for making things happen and building success, and most important, I help you recognize your strengths and awesomeness. Your chart is loaded with a lifetime of info about you. Try to at least figure out an area of your life you’d like to talk about.

How much should I tell you?
Ahhhh the eternal question. Do I wait for her to astound me with info she could never know or do I dump everything on the table and let her sort it out for me? Somewhere in the middle is good. When I’m doing Mediumship, I do prefer not to know anything about your loved ones until they tell me themselves. But I will ask some questions along the way, so feel free to answer if I ask. I’m not fishing, I will always tell you the specific reason I’m asking! When it comes to psychic readings, same thing. I don’t need your life story, but a starting point is good. You’ll definitely walk away with some predictions! Think of it this way, you wouldn’t walk into the doctor’s office and say “YOU figure out what’s wrong!” You’d at least tell him where it hurts, or if you’re feeling something unusual. So uncross your arms, relax, and let’s find a way to make your life more awesome!

I want to tell you about my own experiences with paranormal/spirit/ghosts/otherworldly things and find out if I’m a psychic…can you help me with that?
I’m happy to speak with you about what your newly discovered awareness is all about and how you can learn to integrate it into your life. Just book a Spiritual Assessment Counseling Session!

How much are your readings?
I have several different prices, but the most commonly selected readings start at $55 and go up to $175. Some are based on time (20, 30 or 60 minutes) and others based on the amount of work that goes into the reading.

Why can’t I get you on the phone to make an appointment?
The reason I use an online system for appointments, and don’t get on the phone to do scheduling is simple. Time. I don’t have much of that if I’m going to be available and present for every reading I do. And the “what day do you have open? Well I don’t have that open, do you have another day? What time should I schedule? Do you have more hours available?…etc. takes up quite a bit of time! Often my assistants are too busy to answer calls right away. So please bear with us if we don’t call or text you right back.
There is an easy option to get on my schedule and it’s right here: www.astrogirl12.com/services. Help us to create a positive, focused experience for your reading by using the online system. You’ll get to pick the day, time, type of reading (descriptions are all there), how long a reading you want, and whether you want zoom, Facetime or phone. You’ll get a final confirmation once your appointment has been accepted and a link to pay. It’s all automagic!

Is there a difference between online and in-person readings?
No. Not one bit. I wouldn’t offer readings virtually if I thought that would compromise the integrity of the experience for you. I had already been doing readings virtually for years because I have clients all over the world, so switching to completely virtual after the lock down was not new. I know some of you like that face to face interaction, and I do miss my office! But don’t let the idea of a virtual reading stop you from booking a if you really feel you need help. Energy is energy no matter where it is and there are no boundaries when it comes to doing readings. Your guides are there, mine are too and we could be on different planets and still make a great connection because it’s not something I’m “doing”. I channel. All readings are a form of channeling whether it’s Mediumship or psychic readings where I use Astrology and Tarot.

Will you tell me when I am going to die?
Absolutely f*&n not. I do not believe that it is for me to do. Don’t want to know, and I see no value in telling anyone something like that. Plus, I’m not God. And yes, I’m a Psychic Medium and believe in God.

My house is haunted-can you help?
Yes, absolutely. But know that I don’t drive around all day in a hearse ghostbusting. I have a full schedule of readings every day and as much as I want to help everyone who calls, sorting out these situations takes hours of calls and texting, etc. If you’ve got scary stuff going on, you’re in trauma and I’ll do my best to explain what I know is happening. I can do that without being in your house. Paranormal activity in a home is complicated and many, many times there are simple reasons for disturbances and it may not even be paranormal. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions and follow some important instructions before you ever see me or the team I work with. And for the love of all things holy, don’t call amateurs!! Your well intentioned co-worker or friend could do more harm than good. And I don’t mean by scaring up the “spirits”, I mean by getting you caught up in false ideas about what is going on in your space and creating more fear. In the end, everything is just energy. It’s all energy. Now breathe.