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As we leave the colder, more detached energy of Aquarius, the energy mutates into the in-between. Pisces is a mutable sign. It rules the period between winter and spring where the weather can vacillate back and forth until finally we seem to flow into gradual warming and the awakening from the deep sleep of winter, which lifts our mood. As it rules the final house of the zodiac, it’s also the culmination, of all experiences that came before it. A cosmic transition between dark and light, inner and outer experience.

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac.It’s a water sign and its ruler is Neptune, God of the Sea, but before Neptune’s discovery, Jupiter ruled Pisces. This is why Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th house and Pisces/Neptune/12th house includes spirituality and spiritual growth. Different flavor, but similar concepts. Pisces rules the feet and the systems that keep fluids moving through our bodies. It rules mysticism and movies, photography and dreams, and all things that are not as they appear. The symbol is two fish tied together, facing different directions and if you’ve ever known a Pisces you can attest to their ability to shift directions at a moment’s notice, flowing one way or the other, back and forth. Pisces is ethereal energy and their archetype is the dreamer, the mystic, the intuitive, empathic soul. They are also known for their less than pleasant side of delusional, victim or martyr, overly emotional/dramatic, gullible and addictive personality.

The fish can go both ways in one lifetime as well, possibly giving into substance abuse or escapism and then turning their life around at some point. No matter how they show up, they’ll have an interesting story of triumph over personal limitations or suffering. Pisces also rules musicians, artists, creatives of all varieties and where Pisces falls in your chart, you’re likely to be able to move in and out of situations very fluidly, finding practical (opposite of Pisces is Virgo) ways to “ride the wave” to the next situation.

Pisces energy is like that feeling you get when you know something is going on, but can’t put your finger on it. It also rules sacrifice. If you go deep into what the divine purpose of Pisces energy is, you’ll find it has to do with purification of our soul through forgiveness and compassion. We need to forgive ourselves and find compassion in order to become the pure divine light of love that we are all here to be. Only in forgiving ourselves and understanding our own perceived weaknesses, can we accept others and love unconditionally. That’s an enormous burden for us to process in this human existence. But we are given the tools through this sign. We become more spiritually enlightened when we release the bonds of self/self serving/self centerdness and ego. This is the divine gift of Pisces.

If you’ve ever known a Pisces, through that relationship you may have discovered you’ve come to terms with some limiting beliefs you held or that you were able to rise above a situation where you were victimized. You’ll find so many Pisces in nursing or other healing professions as they are born to help others. They seem to “get” you and anything you may be going through.

Pisces has a beautiful way of making you feel as though you are the only one who matters in the moment they are with you. It’s a very real, spiritual connection you can make with these divine humans. Unfortunately, they can often end up caring for those who are supposed to be equal partners. They can enable, and ultimately weaken others through their willingness to take on others pain or responsibility for another’s actions. They can create interdependent relationships that are extremely unhealthy, just by being kind. So strong boundaries are extremely important for our Pisces friends to create and hold tight. This is why sometimes people get involved romantically with a Pisces and think everything is perfect, only to have them back away or suddenly get “cold”. They dove too deep too fast and now they’re not sure how to extricate themselves without hurting their partner…so rather than face tears or worse, anger, they seem to float away. Pisces cannot tolerate confrontation. As much as they care, once they swim in the other direction, it’s very difficult to get them to swim back and stay.

Once a Pisces locks into their passion, which in some way will have to do with helping others, you’ll see them blossom into an amazing person who walks their talk and is able to share their higher wisdom and knowledge to change lives with kindness and a gentleness unique to this mutable sign.

During this time of change from one season to another, you can set intentions around things you’d most like to release that have kept you from achieving your goals-whether it’s relationships, careers, or a talent you’d like to master, you can dig deep during Pisces season to uncover where you may be telling yourself you can’t or you’re not good enough to have these things. Gently give yourself grace to see and release the core reasons for holding these thoughts and beliefs and let your imagination SOAR with dreams and ideas you’ve always wanted to explore. Look at your personal boundaries and where others may be projecting their reality onto you, release that. Projection goes both ways to consider where you may be reacting or responding through pain rather than unconditional acceptance of another. And don’t be in a hurry during Pisces season. Neptune/Pisces can be deceiving or have you over promising because you really, really believe you can do something.

Stay as grounded as you can, try not to take things personally. (that’s kind of all the time, really). But also safely let your imagination and creativity express. Feel the feels. We all become more sensitive during the Sun’s run through Pisces. This time is about remembering that we are all connected. Don’t try so hard to be something, allow your spirit to gently flow, intuitively guiding you to the next right thing in your life. Listen to music that moves you, create or look through images that inspire you, journal your dreams and deepest feelings, read or write poetry or music, get a deck of oracle cards and let the messages move and uplift your soul. Connect with your divine self and marvel at your powerful, inner strength, and deepest love. It’s a beautiful time to breathe deeply and return to your heart space.