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Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. It’s ruled by Uranus, and in ancient times was ruled by Saturn before Uranus was discovered in 1871. Aquarius is a fixed sign and rules the 11th house of friendships, groups you belong to, your deepest dreams and goals for yourself, and your circle of influence. It’s the house of intellectual wisdom and how you see yourself fitting into the greater whole of the world, and what you can do to contribute. The keywords for Aquarius are “I Know”.  The sign is the water bearer. The double waves and water actually represent spirit and can also be thought of as a symbol of electricity or even lightening bolts, all of which Uranus rules. It rules the thighs, calfs and ankles.

Aquarians are known for being the free thinkers of the zodiac. They can be colorful individuals who have their own unique style and presentation. Their opinions/beliefs twist and turn with the tides but when they believe in something-even if it’s temporarily (although they won’t think it is), they are unrelenting in their pursuit to share this and influence others. This is the fixed quality at work. Aquarians are engaging and often very charismatic. Their energy is boundless.

Fun facts:

They’re artists and value their freedom. Sometimes considered the absent minded professor types-their brain can process an immense amount of complex ideas and information, but they may lack common sense sometimes. I think an Aquarian started the trend of two different color shoes just because they weren’t paying attention to what they were putting on when they left the house and everyone thought it was just so cool. Aquarians do start a lot of trends accidentally.

Many Aquarians stay best friends with their exes. They understand the value of everyone in their lives and don’t like to let go once they’ve becomes close with someone. So new partners will have to be open to the idea of them spending time with their ex. That doesn’t mean they won’t cut someone off cold when it’s necessary though-and they will rarely go back into a relationship once it’s over.

Aquarians can overthink and over analyze on a level even Virgos can’t match.

Aquarians can be pretty sarcastic

They’re actually quite good at listening and providing solutions to others problems. When it comes to their own, they’ll loop around and around for a long time before taking their own advice.

They can feel alone in a crowd, and misunderstood, even when others totally get them and respect them


Think of a mid life crisis or mid life crazy-that’s Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, opposing itself. So we bust out, we explode! If it’s happening in your first house, you may decide screw it I’m going to dye my hair pink and I don’t care what my boss says. But your company has a policy about that. Well,you could get fired. Or instead of going that route, it may be better to think about where you’re not being yourself, not being authentic at work. Are you just settling? Maybe there’s a new way you could present yourself from the inside out rather than going to an extreme. Unless you’re looking for a way out. Then by all means, go radical, give’em the finger and get another career.

If it’s a relationship you’re struggling with, and you are at the point of Aquarian/Uranian busting out and telling them Screw you! I’m gonna do my own thing! Could you be throwing the baby out with the bathwater? Is the relationship just in need of some truth and discussion? Or are you just realizing now you’re not with the right person? Don’t be so quick to pass judgment on others behavior. That’s the Saturnian aspect of Aquarius energy. The higher octave is learning to exist with your flaws and all within the greater whole as a contributor, not the boss. When we get more into pisces energy that’s when we merge with the collective on a different level. But right now we want to respect our individuality and others. Meaning not everyone will like you. But you can’t make everyone be like you either. YOU have to change what’s inside of you and be confident in who you are, know when and where your contribution is needed and be willing to step up and make changes in those areas.

Uranus/Aquarius is about breaking up structures and questioning authority.

In 1962 we had another grouping of planets in an Aquarius stellium and this was when Garth Brooks was born. Look at what he did and understand how he developed his career. He was known for pioneering a blend of traditional and new country. He was undyingly grateful to those who came before him, respected them and paid homage to them in everything he did. He worked within the system to create a dynamic career and he changed country music by holding onto the purity and “average working person” themes in his songs. He was relatable, he loved people. I know someone who literally waited for him outside the gates to his house and Aquarian Garth invited this kid into his home instead of calling the cops. He genuinely loves people. And doesn’t separate himself from them. THIS is one of the most brilliant, higher vibration examples Aquarian energy and specifically Saturn in Aquarius. He has 6 planets in Aquarius.

So see where this Aquarian energy is in your chart… What house has Aquarius on the cusp in your natal chart? That shows you where you are a natural rule-breaker and value independence and with so many planets in your sign at this time, that part of you is super activated!