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What does this Capricorn season bring to help you move more purposefully into your best life?

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Suzie Kerr Wright

Astrologer/Psychic Medium

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac, it rules the 10th house of career and public image, and numerologically a 10 is the completion of a cycle. The Capricorn season is a time to go inward and take responsibility for where we choose to go next in our lives. We have had a lot of Cap energy this entire year with quarantine- we’ve learned who we are at the core, what matters most and how to rid ourselves of the extraneous, distracting, less important things in our lives. This is what Capricorn is all about. Getting to the nitty gritty. It’s ruled by Saturn, which is known for its energy of contraction, restriction, integrity and order. It knows the value of our precious time and doesn’t like things that waste it. The astrological keywords for Capricorn are “I Use” and “I achieve”. Use what you have to achieve your maximum potential!

These next few weeks of winter, December 22-January 19 specifically, are ruled by Capricorn. It’s a great time to hunker down, spend time with the people who mean the most to you and take personal inventory- and by that, I mean review your accomplishments throughout the previous year. Take a look at where you’ve been able to rise to any challenges you’ve faced, where you’ve emerged as a leader, where your perseverance has paid off and your patience has taught you how to be a better person.

Exercise and do things to support/strengthen your bones, teeth and the muscle structure of the body. These are all Capricorn/Saturnian themes. Also, consider where you may be expecting too much of yourself. Saturn/Capricorn energy can be that stern, parental voice that tells you your best isn’t good enough- you have to do better. So, consider doing some journaling/creating some positive affirmations to build your confidence and quiet that nagging “not good enough” internal voice. Recognize no one is perfect- not even those lovelies on Insta. Everyone has flaws and tries to just do their best. That IS good enough. While it’s natural to always want to improve, authenticity is really what Capricorn/Saturn energy is bringing to the party. So be the best version of yourself you can be in this moment. That will always be good enough and it will take you where you are supposed to be.

While the Sun is in Capricorn around this time every year, these last 2 ½ years Saturn has actually been in its natural sign of Capricorn, and Jupiter joined the party in the last year. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 so these last few years we’ve really felt the brunt of what Caps feel like a lot of the time. Now we can all understand why they seem to be so serious! While Capricorns can be incredibly generous, kind and have wicked senses of humor, there always seems to be a responsible, sober, weighty energy underneath any outward appearance. They’re the responsible ones in the family, the ones others turn to when they need that calm voice of reason and practical solutions.

We’ve been under these conditions really strongly for many years now. And this Capricorn season, Saturn and Jupiter will leave the heavy-handed poker faced, no-nonsense sign of earthbound Capricorn and move into airy Aquarius. So, this Capricorn season will feel quite different than it has since December 2017 when Saturn first went into its natural sign. This Capricorn season with it’s usual “let’s clean up, regroup and get ready for new business” will take on a slightly different flavor. We may be integrating more technology (or ridding ourselves of extra social media accounts, outdated technology or things we really don’t use that we thought would be SO much help!). We’ll be looking at streamlining our communication processes-reaching out to loved ones virtually as we’ve been doing this whole year. Remember, big planetary transits like this begin far in advance of the actual dates when they move into the new sign. And we did have Saturn dip into Aquarius back in March, so we had a preview of things to come, i.e. Zoom family gatherings, telecommuting and online events. So, we can look forward to beginning new traditions, planning ahead for career moves that may take us way out of our comfort zones (Aquarius energy loves surprises!), and getting a good handle on how to manifest the best environment in which to work and live in the future.

Be inventive, determined, and open to exciting new ways to master your time and talents!

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Have a lovely Capricorn season. Happy New Year!