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The first few days of this forecast are pretty easygoing so appreciate the break. The Sun moves into Scorpio and with a hard square between Mars and Saturn and a Sun/Uranus opposition expect the unexpected!

But it’s the Scorpio New Moon that really dominates (as Scorpios do!) the energy of this week. It’s time to be brave and dig deep. Courage isn’t the absence of fear but acting in spite of it. Scorpio means business and the deeper you go the more substantial and lasting the change will be. Remember, Scorpio rules the elimination system-what do you need to eliminate from your emotional vibration?

Here are some questions to ponder or journal about as we slip into the fall and just as the leaves release their leaves, the shedding of all that no longer needs to be a part of our lives.

*What am I afraid to do that I know (deep down) would make my life more fulfilling?

*What emotional scars or traumas are holding me back?

*Who would I be without those fears?

*What emotions do I want to feel?

*What can I do to match the vibration of who I truly want to be?

Set your intentions around how you can rise above and step into your most powerful self.


March 21-April 20

There are two sides to this week for Aries. One side finds you releasing or tying up financial commitments that have had you stressing for months. The flip side is that that a close tie may back out of a business deal or partnership that’s not working for them. Choose your battles carefully as other push for power. This can be a super intimate week for couples.


April 21-May 20

Although you may feel like “caving it” for a while, you can still reach out to loved ones at a distance. Let others know what they mean to you. Including someone who you may have had a disagreement with. Take the high ground and offer an olive branch.


May 21-June 20

Think about how you can work more efficiently in every aspect of your life. Pets need some extra attention and you’ll need to stay focused as your task list grows. Prioritize, and be ok with letting some projects sit for a while.


June 21-July 22

You’ll appreciate your super memory as you’ll have to stand your ground on a past issue. Others will respect your conviction. Make plenty of time for friends and deep, inspiring conversation-don’t be afraid to let people know what you really think!


July 23-August 22

Who’s on your side, who isn’t? You’re all about rewarding loyalty and kicking anyone to the curb (in a nice way, of course) who doesn’t have your best interest at heart now. At home, you’ll find the resources you need to tackle projects but probably not without some parental interference/advice that you didn’t ask for.


August 23-September 22​

Pondering the deeper meaning of life? Why not sign up for a spiritual/metaphysical class? You’ve been looking for a way to connect with new friends or potential romantic partners, try joining a group of like minded people who are also pushing outside their comfort zones.


September 23-October 22

Your desire for new/next is strong now and our spending may need to be reigned in. The Sun/Moon combo in your 2nd house of values and valuables is giving you an opportunity to rethink how you’re handling your budget, and also whether your current position is paying you what you’re worth. If you’re feeling like it’s time for a change, set your intentions around what you’d like to be doing in the near future.


October 23-November 21

As the Sun enters your sign and the New Moon hits your house of appearance, you may be more critical of how you look. Go easy on yourself but if you’re feeling the call to make some changes, think about what you’re trying to achieve with it all. This is a great time to get your insides/outside in sync. As you step up and more into a leadership role, dress for the part you want to play in life.


November 22-December 21

he more you can do for others the smoother this week goes. Don’t expect others to know how to show their appreciation-especially if you’re in a volunteer position. Thanks and praise come in the form of joy in your heart and eventually, validation that you made a huge difference in someone’s life. You’re wracking up some good karma.


December 22-January 19

Your words and actions are attracting some important people. Just do you. New acquaintances are more than helpful when it comes to new technology or a way to streamline your work/life balance. Two things to remember this week-it’s ok to ask for help, and not everyone is competition.


January 20-February 18

Is it time for a career change? Or is it time to change your perspective on your current position? Journaling around questions like”what have I learned recently?” or “have I really been trying too hard to please everyone?” will give you the insight needed. More than likely, you just need to give yourself a pat on the back for going above and beyond, even if it seems like a drop in the ocean when it comes to changing the world. You’ve likely changed somebody’s world.


February 19-March 20

Deep conversations with some very liberating friends have you considering overseas travel, spiritual retreats or some form of deeper journey into yourself. But first, real life. Issues of fariness at work cause you to question how you can make a more positive impact on others. Consider getting a real Astrology reading or Life Coaching to help you start a new path.

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