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Mercury in Virgo is one busy bee this week as it conjuncts Mars in Virgo, squares Jupiter in Sagittarius and opposes Neptune in Pisces. The Sun in Virgo tags along for a couple of these events as well. Venus in Virgo takes a turn in opposition to Neptune and trine Pluto in Capricorn mid week. Whew! You may feel like you don’t know which way to turn for answers and could get caught up in some obsessive thought patterns that fizzle out by Sunday. There’s still a lot of earthy Virgo energy to align with and it’s about perfection and purification so you’ll want to stick with what you know and you’ll accomplish a lot. Mixed messages in romance could leave you wondering if he/she is really the one as you scrutinize your partners habits and values. Slow down and keep to your own side of the street. You’ll be hard enough on yourself-try to give yourself a pass from being too perfect or right about something that seems important at the time.


Aries: A complete overhaul of your wellness practices comes from a simple thought or divinely inspired message that hits you like a brick. Do your research before investing in it, but the basic idea is a game changer.

Taurus: You’ll find the most amazing deals on things you need for travel or your kids projects/sports, etc. Buzzing with ideas you’re kinda magical. Your muse is available-get creative.

Gemini: Watch your calendar and double check schedules. A conflict between family and career responsibilities could cause a kerfluffle Your ruling planet, Mercury is all over the place now leaving you feeling scattered. Do your best-that’s enough.

Cancer: You’ll have more than enough to do and may actually God FAHBID (as we say up north) – make a mistake or two. Try not to be so demanding of yourself. Laugh off any faux pas. They’re not insurmountable and it shows you’re human.

Leo: Get as much work done early in the week as possible where the tiniest details matter. You’ve been winning at work and it’s about to get more intense so stay focused on being of service.

Virgo: Try not to read too much into a casual comment made by a co-worker. It probably wasn’t personal. You’ll win by sticking to your close buds and allowing yourself to be a little more vulnerable. Your human is showing.

Libra: People will confuse you more than usual. Just when you think someone is on the same page as you…Surprise! Totally different wavelength. Don’t try to fix it. Retreat until next week.

Scorpio: You’ve got important things to do yet others will be requesting the pleasure of your company for more frivolous engagements. #firstworldproblems. Try to appreciate the dilemma and keep a solid balance between work and social activities.

Sagittarius: You’ve got an opportunity to impress the boss now with your attention to detail. Say yes to a chance to lead a group or project now and worry about how to make it work later.

Capricorn: You’ve been working for a while on improving your skills and this week you may feel as if you’re not making progress fast enough. It’s time to put your talents to the test and when you do this, you’ll see that you’ve learned more than you think.

Aquarius: You’ll be scrutinizing your budget now in consideration of a move or large purchase. It’s doable, however compromise is needed and arguing over it won’t help you make it happen any faster. Be open to something different.

Pisces: A relationship hits an awkward phase-you may have trouble getting your point across clearly to a loved one or a new love interest. This too shall pass but for now, just accepting people for exactly who they are in the moment is your best mode of operation. Don’t get too hung up on being totally understood now. This will change soon.

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