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Finally a relief from the heavy planetary muck we’ve been slogging through. The Sun moves into Leo on Monday bringing out our more playful side. You’ll want to give yourself a chance to do the more creative and fun things you like. Make the time.

Wednesday/Thursday Mercury Rx joins up with Venus in Cancer and a square from the Moon may tempt you to give a second chance to someone who has taken advantage of you before. Think twice. A Mars/Jupiter trine and Venus’ change into Leo continues to lighten the mood and you’ll feel more like sunshine and summertime! You deserve this celestial break.

Have a great week!

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Aries: Take time to finish up projects that have taken a back seat the last few weeks. You’ll feel a burst of energy mid week that will help you feel accomplished. Once you’re done, take off for a spontaneous adventure somewhere you’ve never been.

Taurus: Family time is so much more enjoyable now that you’ve worked through an old issue. A lucky break financially gives you the funds to visit relatives you’ve wanted to connect with for a while. Make the trip even though you feel like staying home. Others need to see you.

Gemini: A gathering of friends has you reminiscing and enjoying stories of your past. Relationships bring excitement and new opportunities for travel and some unusual plans for your future.

Cancer: A random connection with someone you haven’t seen for a while lifts your spirits. You may reconnect with a spiritual group or practice you’ve not had time for and reconnecting could dramatically alter your life.

Leo: Be creative, be free, do something fun and competitive! Challenge yourself to get out of the day to day. It’s your season and with Venus in your sign you may want to upgrade your appearance as well. Do it!

Virgo: Your talents are needed and appreciated at a community event or volunteer opportunity. Lend a hand where it will do the most good or where the cause hits close to home for you.

Libra: Keep a level head as others recommend and refer you for projects and leadership roles. Doing a little extra at work gets you noticed by higher ups and even though they might not say anything now, in a few weeks your efforts will pay off.

Scorpio: Get the tough stuff done early this week so you can enjoy the latter half of the week. Ask for assistance as others are just waiting for the chance to get involved in projects you have going on. Be a leader.

Sagittarius: Travel and finances are on your mind. You may decide to go back to school or take a class that will ultimately get you further in your career or take you in a completely different direction. Either way, revisit an idea you’ve had in the past-it may be more feasible than you previously thought.

Capricorn: Staying close to home to refresh and regroup is a good idea. If you’re traveling for summer vacation, get as much quiet time as you can. A new relationship (or a rekindling of a prior one) may be taking shape-go slow with this one.

Aquarius: Loved ones will appreciate gestures of love and support. You get a chance to relax a bit after feeling like these last few weeks you’ve been fighting city hall. Gatherings with close friends provide a well deserved escape.

Pisces: A new passion expands your vision for your life. Being of service opens up an opportunity you never expected and reveals a special talent you had been taking for granted. You are onto something big.

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