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I was recently asked to write a piece for a blog site on whether Mercury Retrograde makes you tired.  This is what poured out. I’m sure they’ll only use a snippet or two in the published version so I wanted to share the whole thing.  By the way, if you were born with Mercury Retrograde, like me, you may typically function better under these conditions.

When any planet is in retrograde, the energy becomes more personal-it can feel as though the world is watching everything you do. You can feel exposed and vulnerable depending on what planet it is and where it falls in your chart. All planets retrograde at some point nearly every year or every two years.

When Mercury, the planet that rules our communication, our speech, our mental faculties slows down (and runs backward), so do we. Now technically, no planet ever goes backwards, it’s simply an optical illusion. However if you imagine gravitational waves coming at us in a certain pattern from a planet, as the planet retrogrades, the waves are somewhat “interrupted”. The energy shifts from what we are used to on a daily basis, to something different. The personal part of it is that when we get out of “autopilot” we typically live in in our daily lives, we see things differently. We begin to look more at how we are responsible for or more connected to creating things in our lives. We look inward for answers rather than outward.

Mercury retrograde gives us the opportunity to slow down -kind of stop and smell the roses. We enter a period of time where the external events and people are more obviously out of our control (because really, they’re never under our control LOL!). Again, this leads us to focus inward.

Outwardly, we may have what seems like a simple miscommunication. But on a deeper level here are just a few reasons for why this may happen:

1. Perhaps we are just moving far too quickly without thinking about the consequences of taking on too much so we need to be more aware, more present 

2. We are subconsciously ready to deal with a situation that needed to be addressed but we were afraid to bring it to the surface intentionally, and now we have the chance to “re-do” this or

3. We have been avoiding feeling/thinking about/processing something very important and it’s rising to the surface and we can’t avoid it anymore. Mercury retrograde will unearth things, bring people and situations BACK into our lives to allow for closure. It gives us an opportunity to rethink, recalculate, reassess, remember, reconnect, etc…with anything we are normally able to gloss over.

So does it make us tired? Yes! When we keep fighting against the tide, we get exhausted. But it’s not meant to be a “bad” tired. It’s a rest we GET to take. Our resistance is down mentally. We can’t push and push at the pace we are used to in this world.

We’re constantly over taxing ourselves and Mercury Retrograde gives us that blessing of helping us to let go of control. This is why it’s best to RE-do things during a retrograde. Re-check your work, or emails you’re about to send or your calendar to make sure you haven’t missed an appointment or pause before saying something to make sure it’s a true statement of how you feel or what you mean.

When we get into the flow of the energy, Mercury Retrograde is not that bad. As a 40 year practitioner of Astrology I’ve never seen such craziness as I have these last few years with people panicking about upcoming retrogrades. It’s hilarious to me. However, there are valid reasons why Astrologers are always saying “double check travel plans” and “have a plan B”, “leave plenty of time to get to appointments”. Life throws us twists and turns all the time-and since there’s typically not much one can do to avoid any snags-especially because not everyone knows to pay attention to the things Astrologers know during retrogrades, having a backup plan helps you stay peaceful and calm, and THAT is the key to surviving a Mercury Retrograde. So relax and regenerate your mental and physical energy as much as possible during any retrograde period and you may be surprised at the new knowledge and wisdom that can come to you while everyone else is screaming like chicken little. LOL!  So be chill, have a beautiful summer and I hope you receive amazing cosmic downloads during all the retrogrades!

Remember “It’s a wise person who rules the stars, a fool who’s ruled by them”-Darrell Martinie