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Horoscopes by Suzie Kerr Wright

Week of May 27-June 2 2018  (Also published on

Love is in the air and everywhere! Get your flirt on this week as romantic Venus in super sensitive Cancer makes trines to Jupiter in Scorpio (desire) and Neptune in Pisces (compassion). So many feels! Engagements, expressions of love, and intense connections that seem extra magical make this quite an exciting week! It all begins with a Full Moon in optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius on Tuesday!


Aries: A strong sense of reconciliation with who you are and a deeper understanding of how to connect better with others. This is a whole new level of intimacy for you.

Taurus: The Full Moon spotlights your investments and long term planning. You’ll have to deal with some red tape early in the week, but the end of the week is spectacular for romance and sensuality.

Gemini: Your partner may seem a bit distant but a small gesture of love and kindness will bring them back around. You two may have been two ships passing in the night and now it’s time to reconnect.

Cancer: A new hobby or exercise routine helps you feel so much better. You’re getting a huge boost from the cosmos as you see how easily you’ve let self care take a back seat lately. Time to reboot.

Leo: You’ve been successfully integrating life changes but the most recent one has you ready to quit as emotions surface -perhaps some unresolved family issues. Keep moving forward and give yourself a night out with your partner as a reward for your hard work.

Virgo: A hunch you had about a close friend or family member turns out to be right. He or she may need a shoulder to lean on as they go through a tough time. Your compassion will mean a lot.

Libra: An urge to splurge hits you hard as your calendar fills up with so many events! But if money’s a bit tight lately, lucky Libra may find themselves the recipient of a pay it forward compliments of a loyal friend you’ve helped out in the past.

Scorpio: Your attraction factor hits a high note as you sail through this week comfortably. Conversations with loved ones and if you’re single, possibly a new potential romantic partner flow so easily. You’ll easily get what you want now.

Sagittarius: You’re feeling generous and your loved ones are grateful recipients of your thoughtful gifts. Whether you’re attached or single, remember to extend that kindness and generosity to yourself as well. You could use some quiet time.

Capricorn: Caps will be feelin’ the warm fuzzies this week when a conversation with your loved one reveals just how right you are for each other. Go with the flow and if you’ve been unsure about making a serious commitment, this week seals the deal!

Aquarius: Scattered thoughts and some frustration with things at work can have you a bit overwhelmed if you take things too personally. Let others help! But everything happens exactly as it’s supposed to and the Full Moon will give you a glimpse as to how much you’ve accomplished these last few weeks.

Pisces: Family outings provide the support and love you crave. Your childlike nature surfaces so allow your natural curiosity to take you into creative directions you’ve not gone before. If you’re looking for work, think waaaaaaay outside the box when applying for new positions. Allow the Universe to surprise you with a new direction.