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What will the New Year bring for each of the 12 signs? Here are your horoscopes/ key focus for your Sun Sign/Ascendant in 2018.

by Suzie Kerr Wright

In 2018 we’ll be rocking and rolling the 1st half of the year! We begin with lots of grounded Capricorn energy with Sun, Saturn and Pluto keeping us focused on where we’ve been and how we can get to where we want to be. This energy shows us that our perseverance pays off. The Great Awakener, Uranus, changes signs and moves into earthy Taurus after 7 years in warrior-like Aries. Although you’d think this would mean smoother sailing because of Taurus’ love of peace and security, Uranus is a wild card and some shocking revelations can emerge in May. Once the dust settles, a lovely Grand Earth Trine between Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn gives us a more practical perspective on recent events and we begin to focus back on attaining our goals. Venus and Mars will both retrograde this year. Mars is our drive so when he slows down, so do we. Treat it as you would a Mercury retrograde (by the way we only have 3 of them this year!) and you’ll manage just fine. That happens late June – August so enjoying a bit of down time as the brakes get put on a few things in your life would not be a bad thing to do during the height of the summer! Venus retrograde, on the other hand, is a bit more challenging because it impacts our relationships directly. It can facilitate the return of an old love or problems resurfacing in a relationship. Venus retrograde in Scorpio also does not bode well for any new marriages so if you are planning a wedding from October 5-November 16, you might want to rethink it. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t change the dates, but it’s always best to stack the deck in your favor when making life changing plans, right? And finally, Jupiter in Scorpio through November makes this our watery friend’s best year yet! I wish you all a magnificently exciting, inspiring and abundant New Year!

Aries: Partnerships of all kinds are strongly emphasized as you realize it’s time to merge households, bank accounts or businesses in 2018. Uranus leaving your sign after 7 years of restlessness and hyperactivity makes the challenges of this year seem effortless. You’ll never be without an abundance of energy-you were born with far too much passion and fire, but if there’s one phrase that will be your mantra this year, it’s “settling down”. Or maybe we should call it “finding peace”. Whatever floats your boat, it’s a very different year ahead for our wonderful Aries!

Taurus: Saturn and Pluto firmly ensconced in Capricorn help continue your personal growth and educational pursuits Jupiter in your 7th house will make a relationship commitment seem irresistible! There’s a magnetic quality to any relationship you start now, and when wacky Uranus hits your sign in May you may suddenly find yourself swept up in a whirlwind of love with a powerful individual. Attached Tauruses will find it easy to reignite passion in long term relationships.

Gemini: Love and romance finds you as you concentrate on work and a discovering a new physical wellness “obsession”. Using your superpower, thinking one step ahead of everyone, allows you to work in a way that is unique to you. Uranus moving into Taurus helps you figure out what’s been holding you back all these years and it’s possible you’ll find yourself teaching others just how they can succeed as well.

Cancer: 2018 can have one of two things happening for Cancers. A marriage or deep, lasting commitment, or the ending of a relationship that has been on shaky ground. There’s no room for anything in between now. This is your turning point and you finally feel the freedom to ask for what you need. You’ll be able to express your most creative, but until now, hidden piece of your heart. Children are definitely in the picture whether you already have them or are trying to get pregnant, lucky Jupiter in your 5th helps heal fertility issues.

Leo: Loyalty to the Lion or Lioness comes into focus at work as you learn who supports you and who may have other priorities. Not a bad year overall for Leos, just one of trial and error. Social activities will help you make the right connections, but pay attention to your health and make sure to get plenty of rest and healthy food so you can keep up. All this business leaves little time for love but you’ll definitely find some quirky companionship along the way! Family may also need a bit more of your attention this year, occasionally conflicting with big plans, but you’ll make it work.

Virgo: Houses 3 (communication), 5 (self expression/children) and 9 (travel/spiritual growth) are strongly supported this year with positive aspects from the planetary heavyweights. This year brings you out of your shell and allows you to move comfortably into new adventures both near and far from home, opening you up to lots of romantic possibilities! May kicks off a chance for you to immerse yourself in a project that feels like it’s yours to do and you’ll put your own spin on it. A year when Virgo will benefit most from trying anything new and enjoying the learning curve that comes with it.

Libra: Lucky Jupiter in your house of personal possessions and finances couldn’t be better, though you’ll have to work a bit harder to maintain your fiscal status, but the rewards will be stellar. You may want to purchase a new home or make a major move or improvements and the funds will be there to make it happen. Career and home life clash a bit mid year, so enlisting the aid of family or your partner to move projects along so you can get to a more secure and settled energy will help. February’s Eclipse gives you a chance to stand up for yourself in a personal situation and July’s Lunar Eclipse brings a turning point for that relationship.

Scorpio: This is the year you’ve been waiting for. People who enter your life will bring profound changes and help you create a stronger sense of who you are and where you’re going so make room for new friends and new love. Creating a strong plan for your business at the beginning of the year (then going with the flow as things play out) will keep you from having to back up and start over again. You may find yourself making more public appearances so you’ll want to make sure your image is on point. Single Scorpios will have no problems attracting suitors-you’ll find love right in your own back yard and all Scorps get a boost of confidence that is well deserved. The Cancer Eclipse this summer could bring a life changing trip!

Sagittarius: Your “hidden” houses in your chart are impacted this year, but only by minor aspects. This is a year for spiritual growth because those “things” you’ve wanted to change in your health, finances and self worth are all going to get your attention whether it’s through repeated health issues or situations replaying at work, you can’t ignore what’s holding you back anymore. In May, shakeups in your career have you wondering if this path is really one you want to stay on. Overall this year is one of taking a good, honest look at what you’re doing and changing anything you’re not totally happy with. The energy is actually quite strong in your favor, you just can’t skip the work that is required!

Capricorn: This is a fantastic year for Capricorns to allow others to really see their creative and compassionate side. With lucky Jupiter in your 11th your circle of friends will expand. That could include a right and perfect partner or a more fun-filled year for committed Caps (if you allow it!)as you connect with folks who share your ideas and lean into your more playful side. With Pluto and Saturn in your sign there’s nothing wrong with taking care of business-you’ll be stepping into leadership in your career in 2018- but others will want to see another side of you now. Many Caps have been in a dry spell for relationships for a while, this year, it ends. Uranus in Taurus is going to rock your world!

Aquarius: You’ll want to clear clutter and release anything holding you back. Squares (aspects of challenges that help us grow) from Jupiter in your 10th house of career and Uranus in Taurus in your 4th house of home/family in the spring will bring a cosmic shift unlike anything you’ve known, but not without teaching you what your limitations are, so be patient. Mars retrograde in your sign June-August can cause delays and twists and turns in your plans to relocate or change jobs so try to iron out as much as possible before the spring. If nothing pans out, the next great opportunity will be in September when Mars meets up with Uranus for the 3rd time. That may be the push you need to finally break free.

Pisces: This is Pisces year to get ‘er done! Harmonious aspects from Saturn, Pluto and Uranus after May 15 help you see more clearly the opportunities that are right in front of you. Jupiter in a lovely trine in your 9th house expands your vision for your future-you become more clear through intimate talks with your partner. Working from home may be one of the topics. It’s also a year of discretion as you become more cautious about who you allow into your life. The July 12 Eclipse in Cancer is your touchstone to make you aware of what you are vibrationally “putting out there” so prepare to make adjustments. Love is literally right in your neighborhood so notice who notices. An amazing relationship may unfold through an introduction from someone close!

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