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Nashville’s Top Psychics and Energy Workers Make Psychic Predictions for 2018.

On 12/12/2017 we gathered to share astrological, energetic and psychically channeled information we each received about what will be happening globally, locally and personally in the coming year. We did not discuss with each other what our findings were, so each of us brought our own unique perspective to this event.  visit Suzie for your own personal forecast for 2018

Panel guests are:
Suzie Kerr Wright (host/organizer) Astrologer and Psychic Medium   contact Suzie
Becky Astarita, Empath, Reiki Master contact Becky
Judy Bernard, Sound Healer, Empath    contact Judy
Roy Hamilton, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner contact Roy 
Kiki Dombrowski, Tarot Expert and Author   contact Kiki
Cat Jones, Psychic Reader  contact Cat
Tish Owen, Psychic, Author  contact Tish

Thanks to the Centennial Black Box Theater in Nashville
Thanks to David Wright and Ron King for the tech help.
Thanks to David Wright for editing this monster.
Music by Suzie (drums)  and David Wright (guitar, bass) for the Wicked Awesome Fortune Telly Show (c)2016

We hope you enjoy the show, the predictions, and sincerely hope the year 2018 is a blissfully abundant and joyous one for each of you!

Suzie & the crew