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We are now officially in a Mercury retrograde which means do everything with RE in front of it. Reorganize, reconnect, recreate. Try to avoid anything new. Remember that is also means communication gaffes so you’ll want to double check emails, online orders especially-and just be prepared to drop back and punt if things get a bit frustrating. Relax is also a word for this time so try to go with the flow.  Warrior Mars enters Scorpio on the 9th and stays through Christmas. He’s comfortable in this sign but can make things super intense. You’ll get your shopping done, but be careful out there as folks are likely to be even more aggressive than they typically are at this crazy time. What’s in store for you? Check your Sun Sign / Ascendant for a clue.

Aries: You’re focused on travel plans and increasing your knowledge this week. Getting financing for either of these ventures is a bit tricky but keep at it. You’ll find a creative way to make it work.

Taurus: You’ll have plenty of opportunities to reconnect with someone who may have exited your life under mysterious circumstances.  Listen to what they have to say and be willing to take responsibility for your part in the rift.

Gemini: You kick into gear this week at work. Make sure to take a break periodically, but your ability to accomplish mundane tasks is amped.  You’ll have success at getting to the bottom of any health challenges as well.

Cancer: Single Cancers don’t need to look far for romance. With sizzling Mars in your house of self expression, you should have your pick of suitors. Married? Schedule a super fun date night with your sweetheart!

Leo: Mercury Rx brings a long standing issue to a close and allows you to finally feel like your old self again.  Socializing and networking pay off in new opportunities.

Virgo: A hidden treasure in your neighborhood opens  up a chance to make new friends and revive your creative skills.  A bit of wanderlust may hit you on the weekend, so planning a short trip (but try to wait til Mercury is direct before booking it) will satisfy your need for adventure.

Libra: You may feel like everyone has come unglued as friends and family come to you with their problems. Take some time reorganizing your home to prepare for Christmas guests instead of engaging with FB arguments or squabbles.

Scorpio: Mars in your sign gives you lots of energy to accomplish all that shopping and wrapping  up long standing projects at work. You may be thinking of making a dramatic change in your appearance too but make sure it’s financially do-able.

Sagittarius: Mars is hiding out in your house of “emotional stuff” so watch what you say this week. It can be misconstrued or you may be simply sabotaging yourself. Friends can be a bit overly sensitive and your usual bluntness may not be so amusing now.

Capricorn: Charity work, local events can have a magical feel to them now. Your perseverance and leadership is needed to help others focus and get the job done.

Aquarius: Friends and groups/organizations you belong to bring you lots of great opportunities for fun and profit.  Work may be a bit frustrating but remember, you don’t have to overthink everything right now. There is plenty behind the scenes working in your favor.

Pisces: A work snafu (thanks, Mercury Rx) has you scratching your head wondering how it could have happened.  This is a great opportunity to put a new system/process in place and impress everyone with your ideas.

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Horoscope December 6-13 2017