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Here are your weekly ‘scopes by sign!

Happy Holidays!!! What an amazing time of year Astrologically! We have major planetary changes happening this week bringing lots of new energy. The New Moon in Sagittarius on Monday makes this a great time for expressing your holiday joy. December 19, the planet of order and structure, Saturn, moves into its natural sign of Capricorn for a 2 ½ year stay, bringing in some more stable energy. Mercury starts his move out of Retrograde on Friday the 22nd and your plans will begin to manifest steady and strong. There’s a lovely, dreamy Pisces Moon on Christmas Eve that shifts into grounded, earthy Capricorn on Christmas Day setting the perfect mood for honoring family traditions. Whew! By Christmas Day you’ll want to make sure to leave time for a BIG after dinner nap. Here’s how all of this can play out for your Sun Sign or Ascendant! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Yule, Happy Solstice and peace and joy to all of you!

Aries: Last minute responsibilities at work may have you pushing back your travel plans but it’s only a temporary delay. As Mercury goes direct, you’ll get to Grandmother’s house on time!

Taurus: Take that bonus from work and splurge on that special gift for your lovvie and put the balance toward your future. Long term financial goals now become a focus.

Gemini: Finally! Saturn moves out of your opposing sign. As you feel better about your own financial future, you may be ready to make a long term relationship commitment. A Christmas engagement?

Cancer: An interesting time for relationships as the tried and true are solidified and any that are not solid, begin to take a back seat. Don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Leo: Reaching out to friends and family you haven’t spoken to much all year gets you in a holiday mood. You’ll want to share recent good news about work with everyone!

Virgo: New Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury Retrograde has had you frustrated with holiday plans but as the week unfolds, things begin to fall into place as a loved one steps up to help. There was nothing to worry about after all!

Libra: Mid week begins to feel like you’ve taken the Santa Express to crazy town! Fascinating encounters near home fire inspiration and Christmas Day feels like the homecoming it should be.

Scorpio: The New Moon in Sagittarius gives you a chance to review your income (and outgo) and find just enough money to be generous to your SO with out of this world gifts. You may even get lucky with some last minute bargains!

Sagittarius: Saturn leaves your sign, giving you a sense of relief. During its time in your sign you learned how to manage your business (personally and professionally) so now it’s time to move forward with a new focus and determination as Mercury goes direct in your sign around the New Moon in Sag! Lots of gifts from the planets if you use them right.

Capricorn: Saturn’s shift to your sign begins a 2 ½ year reevaluation of how others perceive you. Now that he’s out of your 12th house of emotional limitations, you are ready to take on the world. Start by renewing your vows or taking new ones!

Aquarius: Romance is closer than you think as a friend suddenly shows a deeper interest. Attached Aquarians can make fascinating new friends at holiday events so don’t miss one!

Pisces: Be on your toes at an office holiday gathering. You’re making brownie points with the bosses just by being true to yourself as they may be considering you for a next-level position based on your positive attitude.

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I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!