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Here are the ‘scopes for this week! They’re also published in Brides Magazine.


We get a bit of a cosmic lull this week as there are no super tough aspects between the planets. Early in the week make sure you get all the facts before overreacting to gossip about a loved one. At week’s end we get a fantastic chance to make a fresh start with an inspiring trine between Sun and Uranus. Overall this is a good week to get the rest of your shopping done and hit all those Holiday parties!

Aries: Moon and Mars in Scorpio can dig up a jealous bone. Hear both sides of the story before making any hasty moves. The weekend has you back in the Holiday spirit ready to leave any problems behind!

Taurus: Keep an eye on the budget-shopping trips can get expensive very quickly. Work with your partner to make sure gifts stay within reason.

Gemini: Focus is challenging at work with so much going on. Balance is the key this week. The great news is, if you haven’t found the perfect gift for your love, you’ll come up with a PERFECT idea just in time!

Cancer: Slow and steady wins the race. The beginning of the week has you running for cover but as it moves along, you’ll find a solid pace to finish up work projects, shopping, cooking, planning, etc. And let your sweetie help you!

Leo: A super social week for fabulous Leos with just a few responsibilities-mostly home related, and mostly things you have known needed to be fixed for a while. Remember…Merc Rx is a great time to wrap up projects!

Virgo: Matters related to home and family will seem a bit challenging but not insurmountable. Your solutions are right in your neighborhood. Consider making hotel arrangements for that fussy family member.

Libra: Ahhh you love the holidays! Time to put on your “take it with a grain of salt” shield as family can show up with a whole lot of big ideas or unsubstantiated gossip. Just smile and nod! They’ll quiet down by end of week.

Scorpio: Moon and Mars in your sign can be spectacular for getting noticed, but can have you a bit stressed out and impatient. Try to plan a massage or spa time or date night with your beloved mid week to keep you balanced.

Sagittarius: Count to 10 before giving someone a piece of your mind-even if you know you they deserve it. Even offhanded comments can backfire right now so try to socialize with those who know you best and can handle your bluntness.

Capricorn: With Mars activating your 11th house of “your tribe” you’ll have a ton of fun volunteering or fundraising now. Friends will be easily talked into helping out. It’s a great thing to do and fun for everyone.

Aquarius: Work secrets may have you on edge but by the weekend you’ll see there was nothing to worry about. The combo package of Mars in Scorpio and mid week Moon in Scorpio challenges your self worth. Brush it off and focus on your significant other and a Happy Holiday!

Pisces: A miscommunication at work can be distracting, however visiting relatives and friends will keep your spirits lifted and help you focus on what’s most important. Let things go and remember what and who matters most!

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