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You are invited to be part of the live audience for this exciting episode of The Wicked Awesome Fortune Telly Show  Prediction Panel featuring Nashville’s Psychics, Healers and Energy Workers. We’ll be MAKING PREDICTIONS FOR 2018!!!! What is the new energy coming in? What planetary configurations will affect you? What does the Tarot indicate for the coming year?

Expert Panel:

psychics astrologer tarot reiki sound healing yoga intuitive

Wicked Awesome Fortune Telly Show Prediction Panel

Tish Owen: Psychic, Author, Owner of Goddess and the Moon

Kiki Dombrowski:  Tarot Expert, Author

Becky Astarita:  Energy Worker/AccuDetox Specialist

Judy Bernard:  Sound Healer, Vibrational Alchemist Coach 

Roy Hamilton:  Intuitive Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher

Cat Jones:  Psychic & Oracle Card Reader 

Suzie Kerr Wright:  Astrologer & Psychic Medium, Host of the Wicked Awesome Fortune Telly Show

You are invited to be part of this exciting show!

Seating is limited so you MUST HAVE TICKETS! Admission is $15.

Parking is super easy and close to the building-the theater is right in Centennial Park on the side where Hog Heaven and Springwater are located.

Join us for the filming of The Wicked Awesome Fortune Telly podcast and YouTube show hosted by Suzie Kerr Wright! Be part of the audience for this live talk show featuring guests from the magical, weird, wonderful and wacky world of metaphysics, all things mystical and enlightening!!