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We’ve entered the biggest week of the year, Astrologically, kicked off by a spectacular Solar Eclipse cutting a path across America! Energetically and spiritually this is a huge shift for the collective consciousness. For some, the wake up call comes as shocking news or events, for others, it is more subtle and can bring a conclusion to things in our lives that have been on the brink for quite a while. No matter what, this period of time is full of twists and turns and things that “eclipse” our daily lives! Eclipses come in pairs and the one that put the wheels in motion for our Solar Eclipse was the August 7th Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. Aquarius is about how we stand on our own (individuality) within the group mindset (our tribe). It’s about separating from traditional ideology and carving out our own path of totality in our lives-expressing our beliefs without being pompous and overbearing. The Great American Eclipse of August 21 falls in fiery Leo and is the turning point for many. The emotions we experienced around August 7ths have risen to allow us to see where we are repeating patterns that need to be released, so that we can move forward into the next chapter of our lives free from old belief systems. Leo is all about following your heart (Leo rules the Heart) showing our most expressive side, and allowing ourselves to shine in a way we’ve never known before. This is an incredible opportunity to steer our lives in a more genuine, playful (SO Leo!), creative and love-filled direction! What gifts will this bring to each of the signs? (Read your Sun and Rising sign)

Aries: Children (and your inner child), love, and your creativity and self expression will be your focal point. You may have the urge to break free from friends who are no longer supportive of the new you and set yourself on a path to new relationships that allow you to express more of who have become in the last couple of years.

Taurus: Home and family take center stage as you realize it may be time to make a move to a new city or seek employment that may have a bit of a risk factor (starting your own business?). Big changes are not always Taurus’s favorite thing, but the time is right and events that play out now remind you that you’re not running from…you may be running to a whole new you!

Gemini: The eclipse brings you a ton of opportunities close to home. Be careful driving and make sure to give your car the once over before any long trips. Other than that, siblings will want to have you around more and the invitations to parties could be flowing-you’re in demand. You won’t need to go far to find happiness and understanding that there’s no place like home!

Cancer: Financial security can be yours as this Leo energy comes alive in your 2nd house of money and self worth. This gives you the boost you need to march into the boss’s office and bravely, ask for the raise or promotion you deserve! As Wealth Coach Deb Bishop says, “Your will never outperform your self image”. Time to rise above any old habits and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck in a financial rut.

Leo: What can I say? It’s your time-get a new wardrobe and hairdo! You’ll experience the lion’s share of the twists and turns and emotional shifts that are clearing your way for the next 19 years to be one of freedom, success and joy. Recent events, some possibly upsetting, were just showing you the way to Door #1. You’ll find more autonomy in your closest relationships-which actually works to help bring you closer to your loved ones. Sounds counter intuitive, I know. However the eclipse for you means seeking balance between yourself and others so that you do not feel so responsible for other people’s choices. And therein lies the freedom Leos can enjoy for many years to come!

Virgo: The energy of Mercury Retrograde adds an element of self reflection, rest, and seeking balance between your practical and intuitive side. Changes at work or in your daily life may have you feeling excited, but unsure of where you are going next. What is emerging is a more easy-going version of yourself. Enjoy the down time and go with the flow right now. Any surprises are likely to propel you in a new direction so stay open to ideas and suggestions from others!

Libra: Sun and Moon lining up in your house of close friends could mean a sudden change in a relationship-a friend turns to a romantic partner or vice-versa. You’ll soon understand the deeper meaning of friendships and who your most loyal companions are. You may find yourself aligning with new clubs or organizations that will support your long term goals and dreams or lead you to new ones.

Scorpio: Long term financial goals are well within your reach as your career soars to new heights. You’ll have to push your self out of your comfort zone to achieve some of the desired results but the wave of energy that’s beginning at the eclipse will carry you for months ahead. Invest in your business or your education now-whatever it takes to get to the next level. You’ll have to work a bit harder to enjoy yourself and I suggest you do that during this time as all work and no play is…well, not fun. And we know our greatest inspiration comes from letting go once in a while!

Sagittarius: As Saturn in your sign moves into direct motion this week (August 25), you’ll start to feel a bit lighter. Mercury (and other planets) are still retrograde keeping things slow and steady, you’ll feel you have the clarity to move forward with travel plans, publishing-getting your message out to the world, education, and possible ways to combine the all of that! There is an element of spiritual growth and as you continue to question your purpose here and seek guidance from a source unknown, you may literally discover a location or retreat center or class that will help you align with your true nature.

Capricorn: A bolt from the blue, as they say, brings you an unexpected windfall. This can come in a number of ways-a leveling up of your current relationship (8th house is the house of intimacy), a bonus or profit sharing or inking the deal on a major purchase or new business. Whichever way it comes, know that this is a golden opportunity. Change is not always easy for steady Capricorns, but the unexpected and the way you respond now can be extremely empowering and confidence building.

Aquarius: Relationship breakthroughs are possible now. Letting pride and ego take a back seat, you can work through issues with loved ones or business partners-anyone close. Leo energy in your 7th house also gives you the charisma and charm to seal the deal with someone who may have been dragging their feet lately (or end it if necessary). Generally this is positive energy and if you’re single, you’ll want to focus more on seeking the type of relationship you truly want-you may have recently shifted that idea but had not noticed.

Pisces: Take a look at what you are doing for others. Is it too much? Not enough? Assess your physical and emotional needs and see if they are in balance. They’re probably not. This is a perfect time to check out for a few days and recharge. If you’ve been working hard on a new health plan, you’ll see positive results now and be able to find creative new ways to enjoy the tasks that go with taking better care of yourself. This can be a turning point related to things that seemed tedious before. Work relationships can also become more easygoing and playful, and that will relieve a lot of stress.