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The Real Shadow of the Great American Eclipse

by Suzie Kerr Wright,


As we head into one of the biggest Astronomical and Astrological events of many decades, I wanted to write something a bit more meaningful than just the facts and statistics that are being churned out every day by so many. I decided to meditate on the topic of the eclipse as I sat outside on the edge of the most beautiful lake on a cool day in New Hampshire. Knowing that eclipses are always turning points, I asked spirit to help me understand what the real purpose is of such a massive event for our country, for each individual and what I message Spirit wanted to impart to all of us as a species. This is what I channeled.

The Sun shakes out the cobwebs and cleanses and purifies us at the core. It does this by giving us the opportunity to see things clearly. The Moon in the eclipse is rising up to be heard. Maiden-Mother-Crone energy emerges stepping in front of the Sun and bringing its own reflection, it’s own beauty and fullness to the attention of the world. She is feminine warrior in Leo and in this sign she insists on showing out. She shows us how we can flip the switch between humanity and divinity in our own being.

In the centuries past, eclipses were thought to be times where mythical creatures killed the Sun. Devoured it, turned it into nothingness, removed it from existence. The Moon doesn’t want to “kill” the light and warmth of the Sun, she wants to work in harmony. She roars, but with pure love and compassion. She has no room for hatred, as that is an ego trap of the Sun. Idoltry. Righteousness. She insists upon empowerment of the soul. Artemis, as she is known in Greek mythology, would kill for the greater good-but does not kill out of idealism or self righteousness. The Moon eclipsing our life sustainer-the Sun reminds us we all must allow something, someone, some behavior to be killed off to allow the Sun’s rays to purify us, to allow us to once again feel the heat of passion, the blazing fire of genuine, unconditional love, the comfort and warmth of knowing you are protected and safe. The Moon holds our deepest dreams, soul desires. The energetic blocks to them show up with crystal clarity at this time thanks to the synthesizing of these lights.

The Moon says, “I am so grateful for your help in bringing forth humanity’s shadow. Thank you for working with me, Sun, unearthing the darkness of the human mind. The 7 deadly sins have been churned and churned for far too long by earth beings. I am taking center stage for a moment or two. I am still reflecting your power, so step back for a minute, Sun. Humans! she cries, Divine Feminine has risen and there is no reason to be coy about it anymore. Every being desires love, respect, acknowledgment while they are fulfilling their purpose in alignment with spirit. Everyone is expressing their truth. And that truth, whether in alignment with yours or not, is real and of high value to humanity.”

This time is about you, and making peace with your own shadow, healing relationships with women, with your own femininity, with your intuition, your sense of ownership of your body, your old soul and it is your chance to rebirth. Now. Acknowledge, love and respect what you recoil from in others-they are your greatest teachers. Let those who offend, elevate you. Others already see what lives in you. That has always been the case, but now, you can no longer hide that knowledge from yourself. Keep your eye on your “insides” and learn all you can about your own motivations. Grounded gravitationally on earth we may recognize our limitations. Powerless over events and others we become acutely aware of our need to get in alignment with our Great Purpose.

What is old will fall away, what is new will emerge, but only if you are brave. The new cannot come forth from the place we already know in us. It lives in our unconscious-the unknown. When we cease fighting anything and everyone, we find peace in ourselves and our purpose and direction is clear. The Sunlight will once again warm our hearts and bodies and we can be purified.

Take this grand opportunity to rise to your own truth and greatness. And when you do, you will notice that a quiet calm will come over you. When this happens you will know you have reached a place of acceptance of self, and what follows is acceptance of others. There will be no need to share this feeling. No need to shout it on social media, it will be peaceful and yours. Nurture it. Play with it-Moon in Leo brings childlike wonder and joyful new discoveries.

The eclipse, like much of our thinking, is an illusion. The illusion that we are cut off from the Sunlight of Spirit. Something many of us do on a daily basis. But we must always remember, the Sun is never gone. Just temporarily sharing the spotlight, something it is not comfortable doing. But the Sun knows nothing can touch its purest essence. The Sun is always the Sun-it can scorch the earth or it can purify gently. It is eternal. You are always you- all the pieces and parts, memories, characteristics, heritage, dreams, desires, talents…and you can scorch the earth with your existence or you can purify it. Every day you make this choice. The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 is merely happening to help you make the right one for you.

Enjoy the big show in the sky and love yourself and others.


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