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Your Lunar Eclipse Forecast-Preparing for The Great American Eclipse

Overall the planets play nice this week, even during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Monday! You may be feeling a bit sensitive where the eclipse falls in your chart, but it’s a great opportunity to think about what you need to process through emotionally. So take any frustrations on that day as an opportunity to grow and to also know this is the first half of the energy of the big Solar Eclipse on August 21. So what you clear out now, will help you make the necessary changes then.

MERCURY RETROGRADE begins Saturday/Sunday. Little Hermes will be up to his old tricks through approximately September 5. So what do we do before a Mercury Retrograde? Back up computers and get anything mechanical/electrical fixed because if you do it during the rx, it may not get fixed properly. Rest, relax, reconnect-if you’re looking for work during a retrograde like this it’s a good time to reach out to a business that turned you down if you really want to work there. It is still a good time to bring things to a conclusion so if you can’t get it all done this week while the rest of the planets are helping out, it’s ok.

So your point of focus for each Sun sign/Ascendant will be:

Aries connecting with family and practicing forgiveness for old hurts-gather your tribe

Taurus consider furthering your education but first take stock of what you already know

Gemini reviewing your relationship to money and how you can feel more secure

Cancer do your insides match your outsides? Updating your appearance helps your confidence

Leo be vigilant as old patterns/habits of self undoing may resurface-send them packing

Virgo new friends are on the horizon, look into starting a creative project you left on hold a while back

Libra present your clients or bosses your unique ideas now-good chance they’ll be interested

Scorpio shifting from control to letting go helps you find balance and peace. Practice with little things

Sagittarius acknowledge your inner strength and remember you have many ways to the path you desire

Capricorn conversations with loved ones can flourish under this detached Aquarian Moon. Get to the heart of matters without the drama.

Aquarius Rest and proper diet, less stress, better health. What do you need to achieve that?

Pisces get in your creative zone, dance, sing, write, blog-even if you think you have no talent-try something new

If you’d like to know how all of this will play out in your own chart,  book a phone, Facetime, Skype appointment, or visit me at my office in Nashville!

Remember what our dear Darrell Martinie would say: It’s a wise person who rules the stars, a fool who’s ruled by them.