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10 Empowering Practices For the Solar Eclipse -Suzie Kerr Wright

The Cosmic Lion Roars in 2017! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that on August 21, 2017 the United States will experience a Total Solar Eclipse. The last one across the US was 99 years ago. We have Solar Eclipses every year, but they generally happen in other parts of the world. This one is making a royal appearance, typical of Leo. Leo themes include our reputation, our image, pride, ego, We, often experience a bit of frustration or the sense that “something is going to happen” but we don’t know what it is while they are occurring. But every Eclipse brings a grand opportunity to take an evolutionary leap. Eclipses allow us to close a chapter of our lives and open a fresh new door. These changes don’t always come with sunshine, lollipops and unicorns-although that’s entirely possible for those who are brilliantly emotionally and spiritually balanced. For many of us normal folk unfortunately, they show up as that wake up call we desperately need. That one you knew was coming…yeah, that’s what an Eclipse is for. So for the majority of us who are not Buddha-level awake and aware, here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of this fantastical, magical, super-charged planetary event!

  1. Dig Deep. Journaling between the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and the Solar Eclipse in Leo will help you recognize and release patterns in your life that may have been holding you back from showing up with pride and confidence (Leo stuff). Meditation can help you find your strength as you connect with your intuitive self.
  2. Take Action. One small action each day can change negative or unwanted behavior quickly. Begin on the day of the eclipse. List 5 things you are happy for each morning. Look for things to be grateful for in every situation.
  3. Make Friends With Your Shadow Side. Once we understand and embrace our own imperfections, we can more easily find compassion for others. Practice tolerance. Send healing and love to your wounds, and to others. If you do energy work, send Reiki or some form of healing out to all.
  4. Be Kind. The Aquarian energy of the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th of August allows us to view our lives from a detached point of view. Take personal inventory as an observer, not a judge. Be kind to yourself and others-don’t take things too personally as we all process our “stuff”.
  5. Ask For Help.  If you have been considering it, find a therapist or a counselor, or seek out a spiritual connection. It can be personal, or it could be a church or group of like minded souls. What we begin on an Eclipse has long term impact on our lives.
  6. Avoid.Surgery, large purchases, major decisions. Avoid giving ultimatums-unless you are sincerely prepared for whatever the outcome. It will be permanent. Quitting a job? Don’t do it unless you know you never want to go back. Eclipses bring serious endings.
  7. Connect To Your Passion.  An Eclipse in Leo is about your soul’s expression. Who are you? What is your voice? Where have you been “eclipsed” by others or your own fear of being seen? Be joyful, play! Start a new hobby or try something new and creative that speaks to you!
  8. Set Intentions.Solar Eclipses happen on New Moons-they are times to plant the seeds, set intentions. Make your list positive. Affirm that you are already received what you desire. Make statements like “I am in the right and perfect job for my skills” “My bank account overflows with everything I need and more”. Write your list by hand (not on computer)-there is more energy in a written intention list, fold it up and put it in a safe place. I keep mine under a large quartz crystal.
  9. Celebrate! Reach out to friends and family, attend parties. Dress up and show up-someone needs your fabulousness! Try to incorporate as many things into your day that you’d like to bring into your life. For example, if you’d like to have more music in your life, make sure you take the time to play or sing, savoring every moment-feel it with every fiber of your being. Bring that energy into your life and it will be present for many, many years.
  10. Be Smart.Treat this day a bit like a Mercury Retrograde (because, uhm, Mercury IS retrograde during this eclipse!). Leave plenty of time to get to your appointments, have a backup plan, double check any travel plans, and expect twists and turns around every corner. Observe the event safely with the right kind of glasses, be careful on the roads, be grateful for this amazing spectacle that you get to view! And speaking of gratitude, STAY in gratitude. Have a spectacular Solar Eclipse day!

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