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Saturday, November 22, 2014
Cosmic Connections
Have you been feeling out of sorts? Unfocused? Not sure if you’re seeing people/things clearly? Are you “waking up”-hearing spirit, feeling more empathic or intuitive? Are you having unusual sensory experiences, i.e. seeing auras or energy, feeling something is going to happen? Much of this can be attributed to Neptune’s movement through Pisces, a shift that happens every 150 years, bringing cosmic downloads to all of us. We are settling into a new level of spirituality, but what do we do with it all? How do we learn to work best with this new way of experiencing life in the intuitive realm?In this 3 hour workshop we’ll look at Neptune’s placement in your birth chart as well as where it is currently transiting and talk about what it means for you for the next several years. You’ll learn valuable intuition-enhancing exercises and gain knowledge you can use in your daily life to connect with spirit quickly and effortlessly. You’ll be given the tools to protect and manage your own energy.If you’d like to have a copy of your Astrological chart for the class (it’s not necessary), please email me with your birth date, birth time (exact as possible) and birth place information no later than November 21, 2014. PLEASE RSVP AS SPACE IS LIMITED!    $60.00