2017 Solar Eclipse


The Countdown Is On!

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The countdown is on!


For the first time in nearly 100 years, much of the United States will be experiencing a Total Eclipse of the Sun (now you have an earworm!!), a time when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun and obscures the great Sol and we plunge into darkness for a brief period of time. And Nashville is the only major city in what is known as the path of totality. Eclipses are fairly common, we have several every year, however most of them are visible over other parts of the world and that is where the energy at its most intense. It’s our turn now!


This eclipse takes place in Leo, the sign that rules our pride and ego, our playful side. It is creative and confident, generous, powerful, proud and dramatic energy.


Eclipses run in something called Saros Cycles about every 18 years and Astrologically, you will experience events in the same area of your life as you did 18 years ago during this cycle. The last time we had a total solar eclipse in Leo was August 11, 1999 and the shadow was over the UK and many parts of Europe, so again, we did not feel it as deeply as those overseas, but we did feel its affects. If you think back to that period of time, what was going on in your life? Was this a positive time? If it was, then you can look forward to similar changes and turning points. If it was not your favorite time of life, take a look now at what you can change today to bring a more positive experience this time around.


Eclipses come in pairs, so the Lunar Eclipse of August 7th will be a bit of a precursor to August 21. August 7th will bring a time of emotional awareness, the 21st will bring external events to get us moving in a different direction. This is a wonderful turning point for everyone!


Enjoy this cosmic treat and remember to never look at the Sun directly!!


For more information on how this major Astrological event will impact you personally, schedule a personal session with Suzie. She is available via phone, Skype, Facetime or in person in the Nashville area.