Readings assist you in discovering your own truth so it makes sense to YOU. They provide you with the spiritual tools you need to navigate your way through challenging times. A reading with Suzie insightful and inspiring!

Astrological & Tarot Consultations

The Big Psychic Reading!

Astrology and Tarot work together beautifully in this powerful blend of ancient arts. Suzie will look at your Natal (birth) chart, Transits (current positions of the planets) to your chart, and other relative Astrological views as well as several Tarot spreads. This reading gives you a comprehensive look at people, places and situations in your life, or those coming into your life in the months ahead to help with clarity and enable you to make well informed decisions.


Astrology Only Readings:
  • Deep Chart Analysis– What is your hidden potential and purpose in life? Learn how to overcome challenges inherent in your chart. Release old patterns and achieve your highest potential.
  • Solar Maps– Find your ideal location to live, succeed in your career, find love and more…
  • Charts for Children– Discover your child’s potential, and understand what they need for a succesful life.
  • Solar Returns– What will your year be like from birthday to birthday?
  • Synestry Charts– Are you the perfect couple? See how you and your partner match up!
  • Eroscopes!– Your erotic style based on your natal chart. Not for the faint of heart!

Mediumship Session

As a medium, Suzie is able to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. She brings through evidence of who they are (evidential Mediumship) and any message they have for you.

Reiki / Tuning Forks

You will feel calm, balanced and relaxed following your treatment. Reiki is a spiritual practice that involves light touch and does not involve any pressure or manipulation of tissues. Pets love Reiki too-consider a treatment for your furry friend! Available: Chakra, Harmonic Balancing, Planetary Vibration (this Astrologer’s favorite!) and Angelic Tuners.

Personal Development – Life Coaching

Focusing on how to get from where you are to where you’d like to be. Holistic Life Coaching can help you in all areas of your life-health, relationships, finances, and work/career. Become more clear and focused, understand yourself and your motives more thoroughly, and achieve what it is you truly desire. Call for an initial consultation!

Parties & Events

Parties and other events (See below!)

Designing Your New Life

6 week program of focused coaching designed to help you get back to being YOU after the dissolution of a marriage or partnership.

Metaphysical Classes For You!

Group classes and private instruction are available to assist you in developing your own intuitive talents.



Gather your friends and family and host a Mediumship event! Suzie will bring through messages from loved ones who have crossed over. Although not everyone is guaranteed to receive messages (depending on the size of the group and who chooses to come through), it’s always entertaining, enlightening and comforting to experience proof that life continues after we leave our human form.


Readings for you and all your friends. Great for conventions, birthdays, holiday parties, special celebrations


Suzie will come to your home or business and teach workshops or classes for you and your friends on any one of these topics: How to Manifest Your Perfect Relationship or Career, Basic Law Of Attraction, Astrology, Tarot, Psychometry, Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home, Auras and Your Energy, Psychic Protection or if you have a specific topic you’d like to learn about-just ask!