Your Birth Month Personality

Astrology can tell us so much about ourselves. There are layers upon layers of information in our birth charts, and to really understand our highest potential, it can be immensely helpful to book a session with a professional Astrologer. We know that if we are born on certain dates, we connect with what is known as our Sun Sign, and the relationships of the planets in our charts, but what impact does the actual month in which we were born have on us? Take a look at some of the more interesting things your birth month says about you!



Born in January you are a Capricorn or an Aquarius.  If on the Capricorn side, you’ll “feel” like winter does. We bundle up and it hides our bodies and we feel a bit repressed under all those layers of coats and such. Capricorns can suppress their emotions much like that. Caps can also have unusual hobbies like geocaching or things that require a lot of analytical work. January babies are generally leaders in finance, banking and more traditional careers. Think Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties.  Although they tend to be traditional in most everything, in bed they can be highly experimental.



February is Aquarius and Pisces.  February is a month of hope…we are starting to look forward to the spring, we begin to come out of the doldrums of winter and hope is what Aquarius is about. It’s the sign that rules our vision and inspiration.  So Aquarians seem to always have the feeling of “there’s something on the horizon”.  As open minded as they can be, they are very dogmatic in their beliefs. Don’t bother trying to change an Aquarius’s mind about anything.  February babies are freedom fighters and may run for political office or run a non profit company or make great fundraisers. They tend to believe in a lot of conspiracy theories. And they’ll offer proof.



March is Pisces and Aries. As we come into the spring, we have one of the big drinking holidays-Pisces rules drinking, and we also begin to see flowers blooming, and there’s a lightness that comes over us. March babies can have almost an ethereal quality to them. Which can also mean their heads are in the clouds too much. They have to be careful of overindulging -they are prone to addictions and not staying grounded. March babies are generally highly creative/artistic. Our world is more beautiful because of March born folks.



April is Aries and Taurus.  April can be a very intense month weather-wise and both of these signs have that intense quality to them. They can go from a beautiful day to a tornado in seconds. Aries is driven to be first (first day of spring, first sign of the zodiac) and has a stubbornness that only a Scorpio can match.  Aries is ruled by Mars so April babies are born to fight for  whatever it is they want.  Born in April you’re competitive and need to watch out for running over others in your quest to be right but can attain success in a business that changes constantly or as first responders.



May is Taurus and Gemini. As we move into May everything starts to bloom and beauty is what Taurus is all about. Taurus loves to feel good. Sensual, tactile, they are the ones who will tell you they love your shirt while touching it and commenting on how soft it is (or isn’t). They are all about how things feel. Taureans like things to be consistent and struggle with change or surprises. Leisurely hikes and gardening are two things that appeal to Taurus. Folks born in May will tend to love arts/literature/history and make great writers.



June is Gemini and Cancer  Summer is right at our doorstep and June babies are full of curiosity, energy, and love to be social. Now that we’ve thrown off the heavy coats and boots of winter, come through the rains of early spring, June born folks are ready to show us lots of fun things to experience. Like the month of June, there is always something blooming, changing, growing. This is what a Gemini or June person is like!   They are natural born teachers once they develop patience, make great public speakers and can multitask easily, but cannot always focus on details very well.



July is Cancer and Leo.  Now we’ve hit the peak of summer …our most patriotic holiday, family vacations and reunions around the picnic tables with home cooked meals. All things Cancer stands for.  Those born in July thrive in these environments as home and family is what Cancer is all about. July babies are super protective of their stuff and family squabbles can revolve around who gets what from great grandma’s house or who will be buried next to whom when the time comes. Cancers take things extremely personal and those born in July can have extreme mood swings but will be very helpful and loyal.



August:  Leo and Virgo rule this month and many beauty experts-hair makeup stylists are born this month. Leo is all about their “mane” and making things look spectacular.  It’s the last hurrah of summer so August babies are all about getting as much fun packed into a short amount of time as possible.  Because they have a highly compassionate side (if they are not a badly afflicted Leo, which means they’d be selfish and self centered) they also make great humanitarians and even politicians where they feel they can help others on a “grand” scale.



September is Virgo/Libra. Successful sports figures, academicians. Minds like steel traps. Nothing gets by them. September born Virgos are proper, sometimes repressed but desperately need to be needed. A September born person without a project is very unhappy. September is a transitional month between seasons, so change for them is natural and must be constant. They seem to always be looking for the next thing to do.



October is Libra/Scorpio.  Lawyers, mediators, models, actors -all things Libra ruled. It’s a time for costumes/dress up/harvests and creating sumptuous meals and Libras are all about things that look appetizing in every way. They tend to be very well dressed (accessories perfectly balanced) and pleasant to look at.  They like to “harvest” people, bringing like minded folks together and introducing them. They love to take credit for that.



November is Scorpio/ Sagittarius. All things Scorpio ruled extreme personalities (many serial killers were born in November)  psychologists / psychics  November born Scorpios are highly sensitive although people may perceive them as bossy or cold. As the weather is getting colder, and we start to “go inward” and that describes early November babies. They hold things “close to the vest”.  Many may know of them, but not many truly know them.



December is Sagittarius/Capricorn. Free spirits filmmakers/philosophers/entrepreneurs Early December babies need to play a lot and will have a youthful attitude. Which can also make them irresponsible. They love to be outdoors generally, even though they are born in a colder month. It’s as if their fire is actively defying winter’s grasp. They succeed at anything they set their minds to – but focusing on what that is can be the problem as opposed to those born later in December who generally know they’ll be doctors or CEOs from the time they were born.