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Your Weekly Horoscopes for November 28-December 5  *MERCURY RETROGRADE ALERT!*

Wednesday, Loving Venus makes a shift from Intense Scorpio to Optimistic Jupiter which lightens our moods considerably through Christmas.  However, the same day we need to exercise caution with tempers as Warrior Mars and Unpredictable Uranus oppose each other. Drive cautiously, and don’t throw your computer or phone at the wall if it acts up-we’re approaching Mercury Retrograde!  Full Moon in Gemini  on Sunday is also in this mix so my suggestion is to wait until next week to do any shopping. With this cosmic mix and a Sun and Foggy Neptune square you won’t know your ass from your elbow for a few days.  DEFINITELY avoid any major decisions or purchases through this forecast period, which is Tuesday December 5th.

Aries: Focus on the big picture-taking classes or improving your education. Make no  moves yet, just gather information.

Taurus: You may feel as though you’re being dragged into intense discussions and people are depending on your advice. Hold off on giving an opinion, especially if it affects you directly.

Gemini: You’ll be most comfortable in this energy as you prefer to stay out of any verbal traps.  Float around, keep it light and avoid stress.

Cancer: Others may not be able to stay on schedule due to all the planetary shifts so don’t take it personally if you get stood up.  Try to do things you enjoy by yourself.

Leo: Time for a leap of faith!  Long held dream is closer than you realize. State your case and others will follow.

Virgo: Double check figures when it comes to finances. A bit of a “gotcha” could be lying in wait. Otherwise, decorating and small gatherings at home are your focus.

Libra: Adulting may not be your favorite thing to do but balancing responsibilities with social activities is the challenge you’ll rise to now.

Scorpio: Your 8th house of shared assets is illuminated by the Full Moon meaning matters of financial security will be the topic of discussion.  Keep a level head and look forward to some surprises.

Sagittarius: Loved ones may seem a bit unpredictable but go with the flow-this could work out to your advantage!  Anyone up for a quick trip out of town for some early Christmas shopping?

Capricorn: A big flurry of activity around work gives you the chance to make some Christmas cash. Take the overtime …it’ll slow down soon enough.

Aquarius: If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. That’s the kind of week you’ll have. Make plans, but be ready to shift in a moment.

Pisces: Creativity helps you get all your projects done -ask for help and don’t be too overprotective trying to do it all.

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