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Scorpio New Moon on Saturday has us all in the deep feels. With this New Moon intentions should be set around your deepest desires and transforming your life. Loving Venus and Spacey Neptune join forces on Thursday to get our imaginations fired up and running wild-so creatives-get busy!!!The caution is around thinking your significant other or business partners are up to something no good. It actually may be very VERY good but you won’t have a clear picture until the weekend.  See below for your personal sign. Remember to read your Ascendant (Rising Sign) too!

Aries: Your significant other is probably not cheating…before making any assumptions, try to understand they may just some time alone and it’s nothing personal. You’ll have a chance for a steamy reconciliation on Saturday.

Taurus: Be prepared for twists and turns this week and people not being able to show up when you need them -have a plan B. And set your intentions around more reliable partnerships in the future.

Gemini: Work challenges (no, no one knows what they’re doing-at least it seems like that) mean you’ll want to carve out plenty of time to rest and eat properly to stay balanced body-mind-spirit. Set your intentions around healthier, balanced living.

Cancer: WHOAH! All the feels! Watch out for over dramatizing a simple situation. Your compassion and empathic abilities are flowing with this Scorpio / Pisces energy afloat. Set your intentions around speaking your mind freely.

Leo: Set your intentions on the New Moon around family and home environment. Work events are just stuck in neutral now so take inspired action where you can. You’re creating your future in this moment.

Virgo: Be curious-visit a new coffee shop in your neighborhood or get out and explore a new area of town. Hidden gems are everywhere and you’ll feel inspired. Set your intentions around new, friendly neighbors or maybe opening a local business.

Libra: If it sounds too good to be true…well, you know. A new health trend may have you wanting to empty your bank account to buy in. Do some more research and make no decisions til next week. Set your intentions around finding the right and perfect business and partnerships.

Scorpio: All this water energy-and the New Moon in your sign! You’re in the spotlight now so make sure you are setting up energy for the next year in the right way. Keep focused on how best to express your most authentic self. Set your intentions around how you want to be seen.

Sagittarius: Deep thoughts have had you wondering if you’re on the right path, doing the right things. Take some time to meditate or journal as you’re being given a great opportunity for major internal growth. Set your intentions around freeing yourself from old behaviors.

Capricorn: A social event close to home will put you in contact with some amazing connections. You’re setting the stage for future business so get to know them by asking a lot of questions. Set your intentions around your future goals and new friends who support those dreams.

Aquarius: Push yourself out of the comfort zone at work now. You may not see the rewards immediately but in about 2 weeks your bank account may be a bit larger. Set your intentions around a promotion or a new job.

Pisces: So much water -you are in prime manifesting mode. What I mean by that is you’re able to truly imagine yourself in the life you want and the energies of this week help you FEEL as if it’s already yours-the perfect scenario for Law Of Attraction in action! Travel, higher education and expanding your spirituality…those are your themes.

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