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This week sees Lady Venus making her move from harmonious Libra into intense Scorpio, for the next few week. She meets up with the Sun and expansive Jupiter making this a very interesting week of focusing on our desires and taking more dramatic steps toward gaining them. Endings come quickly during this time when Scorpios transformative power reaches its peak.

Aries: Venus’ move into Scorpio in your house of shared resources makes this an excellent time to think about what is really keeping you from achieving your goals. Hint: it’s you.

Taurus: Personal relationships heat up as your house of intimate partners is activated. Nothing will be simple when dealing with others. Humans are very complex!

Gemini: Pretty heavy energy for Geminis who like to keep things light. Co workers may be more touchy and partners may not understand why your usual multitasking ability has slowed.

Cancer: Focus on creative pursuits and waking up your inner child gets you in a more sociable mood. You deserve some playtime!

Leo: Home improvements may be frustrating, and family members may need more help than usual. With recent events at work on the Taurus Full Moon you’ll want to be sure to carve out some alone time to regroup.

Virgo: Another week rife with possibilities of amazing social connections right in your neighborhood. Single Virgos can meet several great possibilities for a relationship and married Virgos will want to surprise loved ones with a special night out.

Libra: All this Scorpio energy in your 2nd house of values and valuables has you seeking a way to turn your possessions into cash. You’ll hit paydirt this week!

Scorpio: This is a powerful week for Scorpios. Others may fear you have ulterior motives so be as transparent as possible. On the other hand, talk about animal magnetism! You’ve got it now so turn on the charm!

Sagittarius: Clearing away the clutter in your mind will be a challenge but well worth the effort. Journal your dreams and feelings this week -you’ll be receiving amazing insights.

Capricorn: A week that will show you who your greatest allies are and more important, who your detractors are. Stay focused on your own goals and all will be revealed.

Aquarius: Work frustrations have you rethinking your entire life. Are you where you want to be? If not, why? This week you get clear on what your next steps will be.

Pisces: A work opportunity that requires a big leap of faith has you somewhat unnerved. You’ll want to weigh all the practical options, but remember-everything happens for a reason and it wouldn’t be offered if you weren’t ready.

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