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Here are your weekly horoscopes for October 23-30, 2017

This is the week to get your feels on and float until Friday when Venus and Pluto amp up the intensity. They’ll be at odds with each other forcing your hand when it comes to partnerships. You’ll want to validate what you think you know before making any heavy decisions. The Jupiter/Sun meetup on Thursday is spectacular in Scorpio so enjoy the pre Halloween festivities!!

Aries: Your house of shared resources gets a boost but it may take a bit of follow up to reel in that loan, grant, or get the papers signed,

Taurus: Jealousy or impatience with your significant other can easily get out of control. You may be surprised that things are better than you think.

Gemini: A recent change at work that had you nervous gives you the advantage. You get an opportunity to step up.

Cancer: Speaking your mind with a touch of humor/playfulness gets you buy-in from someone who had previously resisted your ideas.

Leo: Thursday is a super day to bond with family members and put household chores to the side. Be mindful of overspending to get something done too quickly.

Virgo: Siblings could use an extra hand here and there this week. Pitch in then do some local shopping for early Christmas presents

Libra: You suddenly find a way out of a financial crunch. This proves you have the power to manifest your desires. Keep a close eye on your budget going forward.

Scorpio: This is your week with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in your sign. Scorpios may be considering a new look, but no matter what, you’re magnetic.

Sagittarius: You will do best volunteering or offering services to help others in need this week. Healing comes from helping.

Capricorn: You’ll have the power of persuasion with groups and friends and be able to gain support where you need it most.

Aquarius: Be patient, those in the big chairs at work have their eye on you. You may be asked to step into a leadership role now.

Pisces: Ahh sweet mystery of life! You are learning far more than what you signed up for. Whether teacher or student, knowledge this week changes your life.

Next week: Your Halloweeeeeeeny forecast! Little teaser-we have an ethereal Pisces Moon that day! Check back on Monday for all the details!

If you want to know how this all works out in your own personal chart, I invite you to book an appointment online!

Have a wonderful week!