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Have a spooktacular week!

October 28-November 5, 2017

by Suzie Kerr Wright

Happy Halloween all you beautifully ghoulish gals and guys! This week is somewhat quiet due to a lack of major events cosmically. However those of you a bit uncomfortable with living in the spirit zone may feel challenged. This is a fantastic week for creative pursuits, going with the flow and learning to trust your intuition. Watery energy from the Neptune/Sun trine and the Pisces Moon of Halloween is only temporary though. A Full Moon in Taurus on Saturday puts your feet back on the ground. So enjoy this free spirit energy and let your creativity flow!

Aries: A lot of mixed signals are headed your way. Best thing to do is not react too quickly until others have had a chance to explain their side. Stress free events are best. Hang out with your closest friends and significant other for Halloween tricks and treats!

Taurus: With the Full Moon in your sign Saturday you are positively magnetic. You draw others to you and this week and the right people at the right time show up. If you’ve started a new business recently, spread the word now. Put on your most luxurious Halloween costume and dazzle us!

Gemini: Relationships are mysterious and exciting this week! Stay cool with work challenges-there’s more going on behind the scenes in your favor than you realize. Just wait it out-you’ll see. By the way, your out of this world costume can win big at a contest!

Cancer: Halloween adventures with your besties may have you overextending yourself and your intuition is off the chain! Which means you also may be overextending yourself emotionally. So make sure to get the rest you need to re-set your boundaries.

Leo: This is a good week for a budget meeting with your significant other. If you are making wedding plans now, you may want to find a more creative way to save a bit here and there. Leos love to show out so hosting a Halloween bash with just a few close friends will be super satisfying.

Virgo: Keep it simple as your analytical side may be a bit confused, however inspiration is high and so is your attraction factor. If you’re single, you may find yourself swept away by a lovely new friend at a costume party! Your spidey senses are tingling with antici…pation (little Rocky Horror reference for ya!)

Libra: Get all the facts before accepting a new position at work or investing. A risky venture needs further investigating. This is a better time for socializing and playing dress up than locking in business deals that sound a bit too good to be true.

Scorpio: All this water energy is just right for lending a hand to those less fortunate. Your karma meter will be off the charts and new, more stable and loyal friends begin to show up in your life. Single Scorpios may meet a divine new love. Attached Scorps will find a deeper connection with loved ones.

Sagittarius: Typically sociable Sag’s will need a little more r & r than normal. Pace yourself with social activities and watch out for being too (more than normal!) distracted. Partnered Sag’s may forget a birthday, anniversary or work deadline so pay attention!

Capricorn: Your typical bottom line practicality is challenged by this week’s spacy energy so trust your gut when it comes to taking a risk. Saturday things feel more solid. Romance, fantasy and magical adventures will be most exciting now so express yourself!

Aquarius: Domestic challenges seem daunting so do the best you can to deal with family issues. You’re likely to find more refuge at work than at home right now. But know that you have plenty of support from both sides. Just ask. Halloween hijinks can get you out of the funk and in touch with your inner child who needs to play now!

Pisces: The Full Moon brings an opportunity to learn a new skill or patch up a misunderstanding from early this week with a sibling. You’ll find innovative ways to get your point across. A co-worker lets you in on a secret that helps you plan your next move.

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