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This week Mercury goes direct, Mars moves into Virgo and we have a lovely Pisces Full Moon. The Full Moon in Pisces heightens our sensitivity/psychic ability so don’t be surprised if you’re having vivid dreams or nocturnal visitations from loved ones crossed over. Sun and Mars in Virgo will help you stay grounded and make sense of all of it, or at least it will give you the ability to focus on what needs to be done in spite of all the spaciness. And it gets better as we get some help from the Sun/Pluto trine at the end of the week. We’ll be uber focused on cleaning up the little details that got away from us earlier. Remember, it always takes a few days for Mercury to really pick up a full head of steam before we see real progress so don’t get discouraged if things don’t totally go your way. All this cosmic help is still moving you in the right direction!! So here are your AstroVibes by sign. And remember, if your Sun Sign notes don’t “fit”, read your Ascendant.

Aries: You’re needed to be of service but it’s no problem as you have plenty of energy to accomplish goals with Mars in Virgo and Mercury moving forward in your house of competition.

Taurus: Home improvements move forward now and you feel more creative and excited about prepping for gatherings with friends.

Gemini: You’ll have to sell yourself a bit harder now, don’t be afraid to let those in charge know just how much you have to offer the business!

Cancer: Combining business with pleasure will help you get that much needed vacation funded. You’re full of ideas on how to make that happen.

Leo: Watch the spending, but other than that, this is a great week for Leos. Mercury going direct in your sign and Mars in your 2nd house means your words have weight.

Virgo: Full Moon in your house of partnerships can bring an important new relationship! Make sure you’re out and about and looking hot. In other words, lighten up and don’t work too hard.

Libra: Volunteering (there are so many in need right now) will give you a deep sense of fulfillment this week. Interactions with others show you a side of yourself you never knew.

Scorpio: Mercury in your 5th house of self expression/creativity has you on fire with new ideas. Getting buy-in may take some careful thought. Be direct, but not pushy.

Sagittarius: Family needs take precedence over work mid week but by the end of the week, you’re able to enjoy time with friends.

Capricorn: Finances get a boost when Mercury goes direct. You’ll have what you need to further your education or fund a dream vacation now that Mars moves into your 9th.

Aquarius: Misunderstandings with your loved ones can be righted now that Mercury is direct in your 7th house of close relationships. Revisit those tough conversations-especially about finances.
Pisces: Approach everything from a place of humility and take the down time you need to recharge your energy as you’ll be the sounding board for many of your friends.