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I’m exhausted.

And it’s not because I’m an A-type personality who thrives the excitement of a super busy life. What I’m exhausted from is the overwhelming amount of miracle-self-help-change-your-life-make-things-better-your-life-sucks-and-my-idea-will-fix-it crap that I am inundated with on a daily basis. Every day I see post after post of “10 Things To Fix Your Sorry, Broke-Ass Self” articles. UGH!!!

Look, everyone needs help now and then. And there are lots of folks who are available to assist you on your journey through life. They have great ideas and advice. But when is the life we have just ENOUGH?

I heard a woman speak recently and her message was ( I’m paraphrasing here) “You may think your life is wonderful, but I’m here to tell you it isn’t and you need to take my class because you are too spiritually blind to know how much BETTER it could be!”. Really? What kind of message is that? I’m not broken, I’m blessed with more good than I could ever want or need. How dare you attempt to convince me that I’m not enough and don’t have enough!

We are being overwhelmed with conflicting messages:

“Stay in the moment”
“Be grateful for all you have right now”
“Stay present and know you are perfect”
“Everything happens in divine order”

“Your life can be better”
“Achieve more”
“Be more successful than you ever dreamed”
“Create the dream/perfect/amazing life you don’t have yet”

And all of these memes and articles are filled with the subtle message (and sometimes not so subtle) of “you are not good enough”. They’re disguised with pictures of beautiful, spiritual beings and happy people dancing in sunlight. As if we’re missing out on something because we don’t have the information they provide Well, I’m calling bullshit!!

If I’m supposed to be in gratitude and stay present, love what I have, why would I need to be searching for more? Why do I have to have more? Is there some universal law that says I MUST have more?

What is enough???

A meme popped up on my FB page the other day-I apologize I can’t find it and can’t remember who said it, but it went something like:
“If you can’t find happiness with what you have, what makes you think you’d be happy with more?”

Seriously, I’m going to STOP TRYING to be happy and just BE happy and content for a while.

My life is wonderful. Are there certain areas where I would like to see some change? Sure. But am I focusing on them today? No. Because there is plenty of positive to focus on. And Law of Attraction states that what I focus on, is what I draw to me. Period. I have lots of loved ones to spend time with, amazing trips to take, my business is thriving and I love what I do, and I love my friends and family deeply and I am loved in return. I am blessed beyond measure!!!

Astrologically, during this retrograde period, we are being urged to look deep within and define what is ours to do. We are being guided by a higher source and given the gift of self analysis. SELF
being the operative word. Now, I may be talking myself out of clients, because I am someone who helps people live their dream lives, but right now we all need to be doing deep soul work that doesn’t always require a self-help guru or a bunch of memes. So I’m taking a break and I’m going to stop reading those “10 Things That Will Make Your Currently Miserable Life Perfect” articles and just be. And yes, I get the irony of bitching about self help articles, then writing one. But this is more for me to remind myself to stay honest and authentic. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for and I know that without a doubt.  So you can try it if you want, or not. It can’t hurt to be yourself, and love yourself just as you are.  But it really is amazing what can happen when we stop trying to be happy. True happiness miraculously finds its way to us. Hmmm.

Whew! I feel better already!

Suzie Kerr Wright
Intuitive Consultant