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After millions of accurate  psychic predictions we still hear:

There’s not enough evidence to prove psychic ability”

and after 1 inaccurate prediction: “All psychics are FAKE!”

After millions of ghost pictures/audio we still hear:

There’s not enough evidence to prove ghosts exist”

and after 1 personal experience with a ghost: “I totally believe ghosts exist”

After millions of validations of mediumship/communication with spirit we still hear:

There is no life after death”

and after 1 experience with your dead grandmother visiting you: “I go to my medium every month”

After centuries of accurate predictions with Astrology we still hear:

Not enough proof the planets have any bearing on life on earth”

and after 1 horoscope column that doesn’t “fit” that day: “Astrology is all FAKE”

I love skepticism.But this is ridiculous. I was reading (again) about Sylvia Browne’s famous “She’s dead” prediction, when Amanda Berry was actually alive and found several years later. And it just frustrates me to no end. One prediction does not discredit an entire field!!  We have proof of existence of all kinds of psychic and metaphysical events that were predicted and experienced.  Yet all it takes is one well-known mistake, misunderstanding, misinterpretation and because we start out with such negativity coming at us, it immediately becomes the “norm” to toss it all away. Do the research, find out what’s really going on. Not every psychic is Miss Cleo. They’re out there, but that doesn’t mean you should never get a reading. Do your research before plunking down your money anywhere. Open your mind to the possibility that something greater than us may exist out there.   It’s extremely important to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out. You don’t have to buy into everything out there, some of it is total crap (don’t get me started…). But when there is so much evidence, don’t continue to keep your heart so closed that you miss the beauty of the spiritual experience we came here to have.  Allow yourself to believe…even if just for a minute.