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Lots of folks have been asking me “what’s up with the planets?” this week as things seem rather intense. My friend Marti sometimes asks me “Is Saturn up my anus or something?” She’s super funny HAHA!!!!

I’ve had some crazy experiences myself. And a lot of my clients are really struggling with releasing some painful issues from their past-old patterns- as they are poised on the edge of a new beginning but terrified to move. As Venus (values) and the Moon (security) merge with uber intense Pluto (transformation) and all of this mess gets into a brawl with rebellious Uranus, you can count on breakthroughs and breakups (not just relationships-could be jobs, friends, anything…) taking place. Breakthrough is the obvious best option-and if you can get your mind around how much better off you’d be without whatever-it-is-that’s-been-dragging-you-down, the choice will be clear. However, during these few days, continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting different results will give you the opportunity to clearly see why they call that the definition of insanity.

Push yourself out of the comfort zone, and avoid confronting anyone who is not “behaving” the way you’d like them to. Let the law of karma take care of it. Anyone working out of integrity this week is going to get a big slap in the face. So save your energy for your own . This is about you undoing those “buttons” people have been pushing and just moving in your own direction.

BREATHE DEEPLY and be brave!