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Ahhh…Mercury Retrograde. You know it, you love it, right? Well, why not? It’s a great opportunity to slow down and rethink your goals and your life. It’s a wonderful time to reconnect with old friends and family and prepare for the coming energy of its direct motion. You’ve heard all the dos and don’ts a million times, I’m sure. Don’t sign papers, don’t buy anything electronic, don’t make major purchases, etc. But here’s one you may never have thought about.  (here’s a video I did several years ago about it)SKW Mercury Retrograde Video

While teaching a class on the upcoming Mercury Retrogrades for 2016, we were looking at Mercury in Virgo retrograde. Virgo rules pets. I wondered what could happen if you bought a pet during a Mercury Retrograde and then I realized I had done that!

My little dog, Rudy, is a perfect example of what can happen. I found him online while looking for cats, actually. I was just about to sign off after looking at a ton of little adoptable kitties from PetSearch PAWS  and all of a sudden, I spotted this little picture. The caption said “RUDY-HELP ME!”. I clicked on it and looked into the eyes of the most pathetic little furbaby I’d ever seen. He was sitting on the cement floor in a cage with the saddest look. I immediately burst into tears and realized that I needed to be the one to rescue him. I decided right then I would foster him. At the time we had two older dogs so a third was out of the question.

The next day I called and found out he was in quarantine because he had bit someone who had tried to drag him out of the cage. He was terrified. They told me he was a good dog and the man was rough with him, but had decided to just do quarantine instead of putting him down (Rudy was only 24 hours from being exterminated when this happened!!!) they would just make sure he was not rabid and give him another chance. The next day we drove the hour south to take a look at him. I put my hand in the cage and he rested his little head in it and let out a big sigh. Forget fostering. This was my dog.

I called the shelter every day to make sure he was ok. He had a respiratory infection that they could not treat because of quarantine rules so I was worried sick about him. It took 10 days before I could get him out of there and into my arms.

When we finally got him it was a huge relief and then we realized what a high maintenance
puppy this was. And 11 years later he STILL is!! He has been a challenge ever step of the way but I have never given up on him. He had behavior problems-but graduated from training and made me so proud! He’s a bit OCD. No, a lot OCD. And a few other things but overall he’s one of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever had. Smart, totally loving, actually quite co-dependent! He has a heart murmur, allergies and still has a food aggression problem but we continue to work with him on that. Our other two furkids, Henrietta and Stain passed a few years later so now it’s just Rudy and one kitty, Monkey.

Mercury in Virgo was retrograde the entire time I was working to bring Rudy into our home. All the earmarks were there. The change of mind-from looking at cats to fostering Rudy to adopting him-things kept changing, delays (10 long days to get him!), the misunderstanding (why he bit-he was misunderstood-scared, not aggressive), the respiratory issue (Virgo-health), the need to rescue (Virgo-likes to fix people/things), the behavior issues (OCD-very Mercury, very Virgo), and the way he rescued me. Rudy taught me a lot about myself and how to love myself, flaws and all. He’s a beautiful furbaby and I’m so glad he’s in my life. But with Mercury Retrograde, you sometimes have no idea what you’re getting into and there can be lots of “gotcha’s” if you make a major decision during that time. This is one time I’m ok with the problems, but it’s a perfect example of how this stuff works.